The Stat Rubric

  • Gaits: 0
  • Dressage: 0
  • Jumping: 0
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Stamina: 0
  • Speed: 0
  • Strength: 0
  • Experience: 0 **
  • Attack Strength: 0 **
**Experience and Attack Strength are only attainable through special events and cannot be inherited**


To the left is the acceptable rubric for your inherited stats. Please do not alter the rubric in any way. Attack Strength and Experience must be listed on your rubric, even if they are 0.

  • Each horse will have a set of areas in which stats can be placed.
  • you get to choose where stats are distributed, unless specified by items or quests.
  • These stats are used in competitions and fights to determine winners based on combinations required to perform well.
  • You must place your stats into this tracker in order for them to be confirmed.
  • The sum of all stats in the rubric MUST equal the total stats you have achieved.

Helpful Resources:

  • For old group horses or those with odd decimal values in their stats (i.e. 10.75), use this calculator: SINGLE HORSE CALCULATOR to round out values. Only .5 and .0 values are accepted now!
  • For determining how much a foal inherits from their parents, use this calculator: FOAL STAT CALCULATOR. Foals will receive HALF the stats from the sire and HALF the stats from the dam in all categories except for Experience and Attack Strength

How to Earn Stats

There are many ways to earn stats within the Equus Ballator group. Below you will find the stat breakdowns for different types of artwork and literature. The stat count for any piece of artwork or literature must be listed to be accepted into the group. This allows the admins to verify the correct stat count.

The stats you can earn from any artwork or literature may go into any category EXCEPT for Experience and Attack Strength. Experience and Attack Strength stats are won in competitions and shows or can sometimes be awarded with special items or quests.

Please Note: Ballators must have a reference made  and submitted into the group by the current owner in order for art of them to count for stats. 

If you ever have any questions about the stat system and how it is counted, please feel free to ask the admins and they will be glad to help.

Submission Requirements

You must include the following information in the description of any submission to the group:

  • Links to the reference of any Equus Ballator(s) depicted in the artwork or literature
  • A breakdown of the stats for the piece in addition to the total stats
  • Clearly identify any prompt being completed (i.e. Monthly Quest, Foal Prompt, Event Prompt)
For your convenience, if you would like you can use the following form for this information to keep it organized:
Equus Ballator(s) Depicted: (link to references)
Group Prompt(s): (If Applicable**)
Stat Breakdown:
Stat Total:


Please view our guide on what will count for stats in an artwork entry and what will not:
A Guide to Artwork Submissions

You can acquire stats with your own drawings or drawings that other people have done. All art must be colored. (Grayscale drawings can fall under this, as long as its “shaded” and not plain lineart. Horse’s coats must be depicted in greyscale art.) All artwork must be original. Re-useable lineart does not count for stats and will not often be allowed in group activities.

  • Chibi: +1 point fullbody. +.5 for headshot
  • Headshot: (less than 49% of body showing): +1 points
  • Full body/Half Body: (half body must include at least neck, shoulder and portion of barrel): +3 points ** companion bonuses only count for this full body/half body 
  • Shading: +1 point fullbody. +.5 for headshot.
    • Does not stack. Only applies to an image once, not per object shaded. 
    • Must show effort. You cannot, for example, have only two legs/half the horse shaded unless the light source allows. 
    • Acceptable/Unacceptable shading examples: SHADING EXAMPLES
  • Simple BG: +2 points 
        * Flat coloured, no shading
        * Solid colors, patterns, and stock photographs do not gain simple background stats. Small backgrounds within borders behind the horse will be counted as simple. 
  • Detailed BG: +3 points 
        * Has shading. Entire background must be shaded to count, not just parts of it. 
  • Tack: +2 per full-set of tack, +1 for one piece.  
        * Stacks for all images except Stat Grids. For non-stat grid images, tack stat applies per character wearing tack.
  • Every extra character: +2 points for fullbody; +1 for headshots; +.5 for Chibis. “Extra Character” can refer to another horse, animal, or handler/human.
  • Photomanipulation: +5 points
  • Collaborations: Count normally. Stat cap of 50.

Stat Grids

Please view our guide on what will count for stats in an artwork entry and what will not:
A Guide to Artwork Submissions

**All stat grids uploaded after August 1st 2018 will have a cap of 300 Stats Total**

ALL stat grids must be accepted into the group to count for stats. (Any not in the group that were in previous stat confirmations should still stay and count in an EBs stat tracker)

Stat grids are any image with multiple backgrounds and/or panels in one submission, including Sequential Art (Comics).

  • Each Headshot: +1
  • Each Fullbody: +3
  • Each Chibi Headshot: +.5
  • Each Chibi Fullbody: +1
  • Each Different Background: +2
  • Shading: +1 for the entire image
    • No Companion or Tack bonuses apply to Stat Grids.
    • There is a cap of 300 Total Stats on all Stat Grids


Please view our guide on what will count for stats in an artwork entry and what will not:
A Guide to Artwork Submissions

Animations have a base stat (simple or complex) and element stats. These are not ‘per frame’. Base for the picture (the ‘base’ on which the animation runs) + base for extra characters/shading, etc + base for it being animated = the total stat count.

  • Base for Animations:
    • Complex: +10 stat (3+ characters, hand drawn running frames, changes in shape per object, etc)
    • Simple: +5 stat (1-2 characters, blinking, static things moving across page, etc)  
All other stats count as normal (bg, shading, etc.). Extra characters that are moving gain an extra stat: Simple movements such as blinking, moving one leg, etc are +1 per extra. Complex such as running, jumping, etc, are +2. Static extra characters are the normal +2. (For example, if your extra character was blinking, it would add +3.)

Example: Fullbody with simple background and 3 characters running would be:
Fullbody +3, Extra characters, complex +8, Simple BG +2, Complex animation +10
TOTAL: 23 stats

Example: Headshot with complex background and simple animation:
Headshot +1, complex BG +3, simple animation +5
TOTAL: 9 stats

Example: Fullbody gallop animation of horse chasing prey with moving background:
Fullbody +3, Extra Character (complex) +4, complex background +3, Complex animation +10
TOTAL: 20 stats

Stat Grid Example: A 10 square stat grid with shaded headshots and backgrounds would be: 
10 headshots (x1) + 10 backgrounds (x2) + shading (1)
TOTAL: 31 stats per horse 

Mixed Stat Grid Example: A 20 square stat grid with 10 full bodies and 10 headshots and half of them are shaded with backgrounds
10 fullbodies (x3) + 10 headshots (x1) + 20 backgrounds (x2) + NO SHADING (shading must be over the whole image)
TOTAL: 60 stats per horse 


Please view our guide on what will count for stats in a lit entry and what will not:
A Guide to Literary Submissions

  • Every 200 Words: +1 stat. 100 words do not equal .5 stats; only multiples of 200.
  • Extra Characters: +2 for each. Only applies to characters who are an important part of the plot and/or story; must have at least a minimum of 25% of the total word count with the extra character being involved and contributing to the story. It does not apply to a brief mentioning of characters, descriptions of characters, or characters strung into the same actions.
    • Extra characters for Roleplays may be applied to characters who are an integral part of the ENTIRE story not just a few mentions in a couple of paragraphs/posts.
  • Like Collaborations, the maximum amount of stats a single literary entry can gain is 50 stats.
  • For ROLEPLAYS, you only count for stats the words you write. This ensures that both parties are properly compensated for their work.
  • Items and Companion Bonuses may be counted for in literature if they are mentioned properly in the story(See Guide Above for proper examples). Companions must be present a minimum of 2 times to gain bonuses, however, companions may gain extra character bonus if extra character rules are followed as well. Crown/Head Gear must be mentioned a minimum of 2 times to gain bonuses.

Shows and Events Not Hosted by the Group

You must be able to prove placing from a journal, rosette with your horse’s name and placing on it or something similar on your tracker.

  • Place 1st in any show: 5 stat points
  • Place 2nd in any show: 4 stat points
  • Place 3rd in any show: 3 stat points
  • Place 4th in any show: 2 stat points
  • Place 5th or lower in any show: 1 stat point

About Ranking Up

  • You must keep track of links to all art and the stat count of the pieces for each horse in a stat tracker. Read about how to create a stat tracker and see examples here: Stat Tracker Guide & Requirements
  • Please confirm your stats via The Forum using the form HERE.
  • Please only post one horse per comment and limit your New Rank Up comments to 5 new posts a week.
  • Your rank is only approved when you are replied to with an “approved” response and the rank shield is applied to your import plaque. When the import is submitted, your current stat rubric will be posted too. Example Here!
  • Only these confirmed stats on import pages are passed on through breedings.
  • When stats are confirmed, you MUST mark where you achieved the rank on your tracker with the stat total. Example Here!
  • Your Ballator must have at least 50 total stat points in order to confirm stats
  • Your Ballator must be registered with the group (have an accepted adult reference) in order to confirm stats and claim prizes.
  • Do not add artwork to your stat tracker while it is under active review by an admin as this makes it very difficult to confirm stat totals.
    • This means if an admin has asked you to make corrections to your stat tracker, make those changes but do not add any other art that alters the totals!
  • If you are asked for a change and do not reply to an admin within a month of the requested change, your confirmation will be timed out and you will have to resubmit it.
    • Failure to make the asked for changes upon resubmitting will result in a 6 month ban from the stat system and a note from the admin team.

More Information on Ranks and Prizes