The Denarii System & Hub


Denarius (plural Denarii) is the currency of the Equus Ballator universe.

Denarii may be used to buy or sell Ballators, items, slots, or artwork within the Equus Ballator Group. You cannot create your own Denarii, but there are many, many ways in which you and your Ballators can earn it.

Each member starts out with  300  upon registering for UPFA / EBS OR upon opening a bank account. Not every one of your Ballators gets  300  upon initiation; you get 300 Denarii upon the registration of your first horse.


Earning Denarii

It is not required that users have a journal/Stash file for their Denarii, listing their balance and item purchases, but you may create one if you desire. All purchases, items, and Denarii Balances will be posted in the Denarii Bank.
In the official Bank document, an official Balance for each member is recorded, as well as any items purchased.
Ways to Earn Denarii
  • Selling items gained through Hunting.
  • Different Amounts of Denarii are given away as prizes for different matches in the Tournament.
  • Denarii are given away as prizes for certain group events.
  • Different Monthly Quests may also offer ways to gain Denarii.
  • For betting in a Tournament round and winning.  Betting will occur on the featured ‘Bet Here’ comment on the Tournament Journal.
  • To claim bet winnings, you must reply to a featured comment on the Tournament Journal.
  • Doing services/breedings/art for Denarii. All denarii must be officially transferred via the Denarii hub.
If you think there is a mistake in the bank, please note the group and provide all your reasons/proof links for believing there may be a discrepancy!

The Denarii Hub

When applying items, transferring Denarii, or using any other comment chain below, please keep the following in mind:
  • No more than 3 transactions per comment
  • You must have previously created a Denarii bank account (create here) if you are doing anything with Denarii.
  • Please do not reply to the “Approved” comment when and if your transaction is approved
  • If you are posting from a side account, you must list your main account’s username. All side accounts share a bank account with the main User account.
  • As of June 2020, items applied to the breeding note before rolling will be done at the time of breeding, and will be no longer approved through the Denarii Hub.

View Your Current Account Balance Here


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