Highlord Aether

Suprimi Domini Aether

“All life is sacred, respect all things as they are, even the things weaker than yourself.”

Aether is a kind-hearted, peaceful individual who has learned from his past mistakes. He sees trials as a learning opportunity, and uses his experiences to help others. Aether’s ultimate goal is peace and order among the Ballators he created; he relishes in helping and caring for them, and is physically pained by any suffering they may experience.
Aether’s old body perished in the Realmwars; he rejuvenated his broken body with this new one shortly after. Read more about Aether’s past and present in the Equus Ballator Lore.

Aether is built thin and long-legged, most like a Desert Ballator. His eyes are pupil-less and ombre colored. His antlers float above his head, unattached to him, and they (as well as his hooves) display his Hyalus gift. Aether’s manes and tail flow as if the hair was in water, even when standing still. His rump is the color of twilight, his body of dawn. The dying heart of the star supposedly used to spark life into the first Ballator hangs glowing faintly between his antlers.

Aether's Gifts

This gift transforms the horns into something other than bone. While the horn core remains, the horns themselves are transformed into gems or precious stones while retaining their original shape. Some horns may appear cut and hard-edged, like cut gems are. 

This gift can be obtained by reaching 200 stat points. A horse may not have both Gemma and Hyalus at one time.

Required Design Elements: Opaque or Solid  horns and hooves; cannot be transparent. The previous horn color will not change except for possibly becoming more shiny. The shape of the horn must remain, but it can become more angular as the cuts of gem shape the outline. Alternatively, the horn can remain the same shape, but become a solid chunk of gem.


   This gift means ‘Glass’ in latin. It changes the structure and appearance of hooves and horns, making them translucent or opaque, glossy, and have a glass-like feel. The horn core of the horn is visible through the glassy horn. Hooves also turn to glass; eye color is not altered by Hyalus.

This gift can be obtained by reaching 200 stat points. A horse may not have both Gemma and Hyalus at one time.
Required Design Elements: Opaque or Transparent horns and hooves. The previous horn color will not change except for possibly becoming more shiny or see-through.  Horns may not become completely transparent. The shape of the horn must remain the same. The horn core and/or bones of the hooves will  become visible through the glass.

Aetherian Mutation
The unique mutation from Aether himself, this mutation covers the body in beautiful black swirling and/or angular markings and white marks, signifying the wearer as blessed. Manes and tails are also sometimes given an unnatural pastel color (up to 3 pastel colors) and eyes can turn the color of the new mane and tail colors. At least 10% of the body must be covered in black and white Aetherian markings.

Examples of Aetherian + Design Requirements

This gift can be obtained by reaching 650 stat points for Aetherian or Spatium Braccas. A horse may not have both Aetherian and Spatium at one time.

Spatium Braccas 
A tribute to the expanse of space, this special gift turns the horse’s paint, white, or minimal white markings into a galaxy. Much like Aether’s rump marking, it may be the color of twilight, deepest night, or colorful nebulas. So long as it resembles space, the wearer may have it.

Examples of Spatium Braccas + Design Requirements


    This gift can be obtained by reaching 650 stat points for Aetherian or Spatium Braccas. A horse may not have both Aetherian and Spatium at one time

Remove up to 2 Hornsets or Add up to 2 Extra Horns
Can add or remove to two sets of extra horns on one Ballator, respectively.

You must choose whether to add or remove, you cannot do both!

If adding, new horns must be the same color as the original horns; new horns must remain below 5 spines; new horns can only have up to 3 segments if adding segmented horns.

If removing, horns will not grow back.

May only be applied once per horse, no matter if gained through Hannibal or Aether, and no matter if adding or removing.

This gift can be obtained by reaching 400 stat points.

Benedicto Veritate
Meaning ‘the blessing of variety,’ it’s no lie that Aether is a lover of variety; which is why he will happily bless a Ballator with a new coat mutation, a Ballator-Specific mutation, a mane mutation, or anything of that nature. Although he will not change the base coat or markings inherited from parents. All genes added with Benedicto are non-dominant.

May only be applied once per horse, no matter if gained through Hannibal or Aether.

This gift can be obtained by reaching 900 stat points.
  • Add mane mutations OR Change a mane mutation that your horse was born with
  • Add a Ballator coat mutation or a natural gene
  • Add a physical mutation
  • Can also remove a gene as long as horse is non-dominant/parents are non-dominant
  • Benedicto cannot add Zebroid, Poecillia, Necrosis or Wyrm unless the horse is able to have it through it’s parentage.
  • This Gift cannot add discontinued mutations such as Hyracothere and Veneum even if it is contained within the parentage.

A starter chimera may only have as many genes as the current ‘side’ of the horse has and may have any horn color on the Chimeric side. Any horse other than a starter must choose a genotype from their breeding note, and if picking a new horn color for the new side, must fall within the parent’s horn colors at time of breeding. Chimeric sides have to match the number of natural/Ballator genes on the initial genotype.
For example, if a horse is Smoky Blue Roan Archetain Hornstripe, it has 3 natural genes and 2 Ballator genes. It’s Chimeric side could be Flaxen Chestnut Dun Overo Archetain, or Silver Bay Dun Taffy Clownfish, for example.

Highlord's Wish

The High Lords’ Wish
This gift is unique to Aether himself. It will grant you any wish– a gift from another Lord, grant immortality, anything you desire.
May only be applied once per horse.

Do one of the following main bullet points:

  • Can make up to 5 total physical changes.
    • Change horn shape/color according to parentage. If starter, can change into any desired shape/color.
    • Can remove/add/change a gene/mutation (cannot add Poecilia, Wyrm, Necrosis, or Zebroid) unless gene is from a dominant parent.
    • Can change physical appearances but MUST retain an overall equine shape. (Pegasus, hippocampus, sleipnir, adding lion tails, etc)
    • Give up to 2 new hornsets
    • Remove up to 2 hornsets
  • Can request other highlord gifts
  • Request removal of other HL gifts or curses
  • Grant immortality (the horse can never be deceased)
  • Grant 1 companion or 1 shop item of choice


  • Change Ballator types
  • Remove all Ballator traits. It can remove manes via Bald Mane Mutation, but not all horns, fangs, or Type traits.
  • Give type-specific mutations (oryx, arctos, etc) to other types
  • Change gender
  • Give stats
  • Make sterile horses fertile
  • Give slots/Make used slots unused
  • Advance cursus honorum/quest/stat levels
  • Remove inbreeding/crossbreeding penalties