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Art submissions that are not posted on the approved art websites will be turned away and you will have to resubmit your art submission.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns with the rules for art submissions specifically, please click below and the admin team will review it.
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Art Submission Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Art Submission?

An art submission is where you turn in an artwork of your Ballator in order to check and approve the stats that the artwork gives to your ballator. This helps speed up the process in confirming stat ranks. Once approved, this art submission can then be linked on stat trackers and count for stats.
For more information on stats, please read The Stat System.

How does my Ballator gain stats?

Ballators gain stats through artwork, literature, special events, and (sometimes) they can inherit stats from their parents if bred. The breakdown of how to determine how many stats your Ballator earns is listed in The Stat System.

Do I have to count and confirm stats for my Ballator?

No! You do not! Members are not required to keep record of, count, or confirm stats for their Ballator if they do not want to.
Confirming stats is an additional game mechanic that allows your Ballator more opportunities to gain Highlord Gifts, unique prizes, and extra breeding slots. This is also a completely optional game mechanic and not every member confirms their Ballator’s stats.

If I have art that was accepted into the DeviantART group do I have to send it in for an art submission on the websites?

No! You do not! Artwork previously accepted into the group is grandfathered into this system.
However, with this system it does saves the stats of a specific piece in case the artwork is ever removed or deleted so resending in these pieces can be a safe way to ensure you won’t lose out on stats.

Art Submission Requirements

In the past, we have required artwork to be accepted into the DeviantART group. With the migration from DeviantART to the Official Website in January 2021, the requirements have changed and, for the ease of confirmation, the following things are now required on all art submissions.

  • Art Submissions must have the following in the descriptions of the piece in question, regardless where it is posted:
    Equus BallatorFargonon
  • In order to gain stats, artwork must be submitted to the appropriate art submissions forum
    • Artwork accepted in the DeviantART group is still able to be accepted for stats.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all fields must be filled out on the form with accurate information. Failure to follow through with this repeatedly will have you temporarily banned from the system.
  • In order to accept art submissions, all ballators must be registerd by the current owner. This means that they should either have a reference accepted into the DeviantART group or a Character Profile posted on their plaque.
  • Artwork being submitted for approval must be posted on the accepted list of art websites. Any artwork submitted not on these websites will be denied.

Acceptable Types of Art Websites


Art submitted/linked from DeviantART will be accepted as an art submission. The team advises caution in submitting stash images in case DeviantART ever removes that function as well as the fact that stash can be glitchy.

Buzzly Art

Art submitted/linked from Buzzly Art will be accepted as an art submission.

There are many other alternatives out there to the options listed about, but, at this time the Team will only accept art posted on the websites above that follow the official requirements. This is for the continued ease and speed of confirmations. Submitting art posted off of these sites or failure to meet the requirements will result in your art submission being dismissed. Once dismissed, you will have to make the correct changes and then resubmit your art submission for confirmation. Failure to make the corrections asked for at dismissal consistently may result in a temporary ban from submitting art in order to keep our system running smoothly and to keep the admins from spending time on the same repeated mistakes.

*No official group art (BDA plaques, companion/item images) should be posted outside of the website or the formums, regardless of format; the only group artwork allowed to be placed on trackers or any other personal EB pages at this time are the Stat Shields and Cursus Honorum Badges.