Herds & Bands

Most types of Equus Ballators are herd animals. While there are exceptions, most of them form some sort of group as muscle and protection from other Ballators or anything that might consider them as huntable or capturable.

On The Charred Plains, herds are especially necessary due to the tumultuous hierarchy caused by the warring Highlords. Herds are typically 5 or more Ballators while bands are groups under 5. The distinction is in name alone as the same benefits are provided to both.

Herds and bands can form alliances with other like-minded herds, attempt to overthrow rival herds, or simply exist in peace to benefit their members.

Herds and bands receive unique quests and challenges give to them by their larger allies, random NPC encounters on The Forums, or their patron Highlord (if they have one). Herds and bands may also, occasionally, receive extra bonuses for unique monthly quests.

At this time: the most benefits for herds and bands will be located in The Charred Plains section of The Forums. Herds are an addition to the role playing aspect of the game and are not mandatory, even on The Forums, though they do offer a unique experience and opportunity to help shape the lore of the group.

The Canon Herds

For Ballators that want to have the protection and benefits of a herd but do not want to form their own, there are five “canon” herds located within The Charred Plains on The Forums. These herds are large and will always be present in the base game, lore permitting. These herds are headed by Equus Ballator NPCs and monitored by the Admin & Moderator team.

Just like member created herds, each of the herds below have their own unique joining quests and/ or requirements. The herds can also form alliances with member created herds and will help share their benefits. These herds, however, will not start rivalries with any other herd.

Please click on the herd crests below to learn more about the canon game herds. **THIS INFORMATION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🙂 **

Forming Your Own Herd or Band

Information coming soon! 🙂 Check back later!

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