Equus Ballator Holidays

In addition to their own Gods, Ballators also have their own Holidays. Each Highlord has a dedicated Holiday that may last up to one solid month. During these celebrations there are added chances for all Ballators to communicate with the Highlord and receive gifts. Those who are celebrating the Holiday of their Patron may find that they receive extra bonuses for being loyal.

Steadfast Patrons are Ballators who have been pledged to a Patron for one (1) year or more. They will benefit most as the Highlords frown upon casual patronage.

Discover more about dedicating you Ballator to a Highlord at The Highlord Meeting Place.

Holidays will bring unique events, quests, and role play opportunities to all members of the group, whether their Ballator is pledged to a Highlord or not. Often, Troubadours that are connected to their patron Highlord will run a small gift giving event known as Troubadour’s Trinkets, which is run in the general section of our forum. Prizes in Troubadour’s Trinkets my only be claimed during their corresponding holidays.

If your Ballator participates in the expanding and growing Forum Lore, as well as Lore Events, they may find that more Holidays are being discovered as more mysteries are uncovered on The Charred Plains…

The Month of Quintessence

  • Patron Highlord: Highlord Aether
  • Takes Place In: March
  • Celebrates: Springtime, Family (With a special focus on foals)
  • Element Drops: Sulfur, Mercury, White Gold
  • Wood Drops: Ash, Alder, Willow
  • Gemstone Drops: Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald
  • Artwork/ Literature Bonus for all: +3 Experience for all Foal Prompts done during this Holiday
  • Bonus for Patrons: 10% luck increase for all Steadfast Aether Patrons on rare breeding rolls

The Month of Illumination

  • Patron Highlord: Highlordess Ares
  • Takes Place In: June
  • Celebrates: Summertime, 
  • Element Drops: Salt, Antimony, Iron
  • Wood Drops: Oak, Holly, Hazel
  • Gemstone Drops: Pearl, Ruby, Peridot
  • Artwork/ Literature Bonus for all: +2 Experience, +1 Attack Strength for all Hunts done during this Holiday
  • Bonus for Patrons: 10% luck increase for all Steadfast Ares Patrons on Hunt Rolls

The Month of Shadows

  • Patron Highlord: Lowlord Hannibal
  • Takes Place In: October
  • Celebrates: Autumn time, Destruction
  • Element Drops: Lead, Arsenic, Phosphorus
  • Wood Drops: Vine, Ivy, Reed
  • Gemstone Drops: Sapphire, Opal, Citrine
  • Artwork/ Literature Bonus for all: +3 Attack Strength for each completed Monthly Quest during this Holiday
  • Bonus for Patrons: 10% luck increase for all Steadfast Hannibal Patrons in Hannibal’s Raffle


  • Patron Highlord: Deathlord Tyndariai
  • Takes Place In: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Only (December/ January)
  • Celebrates: The end of one year and birth of another
  • Element Drops: Silver, Platinum, Tin
  • Wood Drops: Elder, Birch, Rowan
  • Gemstone Drops: Topaz, Garnet, Amethyst
  • Artwork/ Literature Bonus for all: None
  • Bonus for Patrons: None… yet!