Regale's Quests

Welcome, stranger, to my questing page...

You are an Equus Ballator; blessed to be on this earth and strong of heart, though how strong you have not yet learned. The world has been ravaged by The Realmwars and, though some may deny it, The Highlords and Lowlord have taken more of an interest in their mortal children. The world still rumbles from their hoof beats and many fantastic beings are now appearing.

Moving through this post war world is Regale, a Ballator of legend that mares tell their foals of. The flaxen stallion is rumored to be the first Ballator ever created, blessed with the gift of immortality. You’ve heard murmurs in the past of this mysterious stallion dispensing quests, but you never in a million years thought that he would give them to you…

Rules for Regale's Quests

Before you start your strange journey, there are some rules you must remember. Please read the below rules before beginning; if you did the older version of Regale’s Quests the rules may have slightly changed.

General Guidelines
  • All artwork must contain a background.
  • Please take your time and show your best effort with each entry. Do not rush through entries. Regale’s Quests are not about speed, they’re about learning more about your Ballator’s character.
  • All artwork/ literature must be done by the owner of the horses that are questing.
    • No collaborations are allowed. Members may have each of their Ballators going through together, but they must make separate entries for their respective Ballators. An Exception to the previous statement is that the Ballators may only do the quests that are in Regale’s Glade alone rather than together. (Assuming they have different owners)
  • All artwork must be colored. Shading is optional but does earn you more stats.
  • Levels/ entries can be completed in any order (unless otherwise specified), except the last level, Level Four. All other levels must be completed and confirmed to have been completed (via THIS FORUM.) before you may may start prompts and confirm Level 4 for completion!
  • Each entry must be it’s own separate submission.
  • The minimum stat requirement of each quest must be met before any companion stat bonuses may be applied.
  • Stat grids will not be accepted as entries. Comics will accepted as entries so long as only one prompt is depicted per comic, only horses relevant to the prompt are shown, and the stats do not exceed 20. (Reminder: Companion bonuses will not apply to comics as they are counted by stat grid guidelines!)
  • If a Ballator is purchased in the middle of completing Regale’s Quests, it is up to the new owner if they would like to continue where the previous one left off or start over entirely. Prizes cannot be reclaimed for previously approved and confirmed ranks no matter what.
    • Art/ literature from the previous owner must be properly logged and approved through the RQ Submissions.
    • Ex.  if the ballator was confirmed at lvl 3 and sold, the new owner has the option to start lvl 4 with it or start over completely
    • Ex.  if the ballator was sold when it had just completed lvl 2 prompt 3, the new owner can jump back in at lvl 2 prompt 4, or start over lvl 2, or go back to the beginning
Up to 3 Ballators may do quests together in each entry.
  • Only the horse participating in the level can win the prize. One horse must complete the level itself.
  • For literature entries, the stat count required is per ballator – so if 2 EBs are doing ‘Good Genes’ as a literature entry together then the minimum stat count would be 10 stats. 
  • Each ballator will have to complete the Scavenger hunts separately. You may include multiple EBs in the same note but they will each receive a different list of things to find. 
Rules for Submitting Your Entries
  • It is suggested that your Ballator have a separate journal or area on their ref set aside for showing which quest levels they have completed. An example of a correct RQ log can be found here: 006 IHS Leoni Ludae | Regale’s Quests
    • Submitted Journals on DA, Websites (Google Sites/Weebly), Google Docs, and The Forums are all acceptable places to be used as a RQ Tracker.
  • Level entries must be titled as such: (Horse name) | Level # | (Level Title). An example of a correctly titled entry can be found here: 006 Leoni Ludae | Level 1 | Meeting
  • A link to participating Ballator’s reference must be in the description.
  • When you complete a level, leave a post in THIS FORUM. 
  • A list of available genetic traits that can be applied upon the completion of Level 2 can be found here: Regale’s Quests Level 2 Genetic Prizes
  • Upon completion of all levels, your horse will be given a badge to put in the description of his/her reference to show that it is an Elite Ballator. It looks like this:

Level One

  • On their journey or paddock time, your Ballator has stumbled into none other than Regale himself! Regale offers your Ballator a chance to complete his quests in return for prizes and enhancements– it seems like he may have some deeper purpose, but you’re not quite sure. Show/tell us what your horse thinks of this experience.
    • Depicting Regale is optional but recommended.
    • Requirements: 6 stats. Art entries require the inclusion of a minimum 100 word story.
  • Regale asks your Ballator to reflect about your home. What makes this place special? What calls you back to it? Do you pine for it on your journeys? Would you rather not remember it? Is your home not so much a specific place, but a feeling?
    • Requirements: 5 stats.
  • Regale asks your Ballator to reflect on a time they learned a new discipline. A list of Disciplines can be found below.
    • If your Ballator is “wild,” an acceptable discipline would be hunting!
    • Requirements: 5 stats.

    • Dressage: Dressage + Gaits
    • Showjumping/Freejumping: Jumping + Intelligence
    • Cross Country: Jumping + Stamina
    • Endurance: Stamina + Speed
    • Halter/Liberty: Dressage + Gaits
    • Flat racing, gallop: Speed + Gaits
    • Flat racing, carriage: Gaits + Endurance
    • Trick Riding: Intelligence + Dressage
    • Mounted Games: Speed + Dressage
    • Cutting: Intelligence + Dressage
    • Reining/Barrel Racing: Speed + Stamina
    • Western Pleasure/Hunter Under Saddle: Dressage + Gaits
    • Skijoring: Speed + Intelligence
    • Log Pulling: Strength + Intelligence
    • Wrestling: Intelligence + Strength
    • Hunting/Foraging: Intelligence + Stamina
  • Your Ballator has completed all 3 of the quests Regale has given them, odd as those quests may be– but they can’t find Regale anywhere! The illusive stallion is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Sol Regum shows up and timidly gives a list of things your Ballator must find in order to for Regale to appear.
    • This can only be done AFTER all other Level One entries have been completed
    • Please click “Post Thread” and fill out the form in the Scavenger Hunt subforum. This forum can be found in the Regale’s Quests forum as a subforum. An admin will then give you 4 things to find around the EquusBallator  group. For example: 1 Barbary stallion, 1 blue roan, 1 merle, 1 carey carrier. Find references for the four things, link them in ta reply to the thread, and wait for confirmation.
    • In the form you will be asked for a link to the reference of the EB completing the quest and a link to your RQ tracker that shows you have finished the rest of this Level! 
Prizes for Completing Level One:
  • Small Stat Boost: 8 stat points to distribute as you like
  • One (1) Additional Slot to the participating Ballator OR 100 Denarii

Level Two

  • As your Ballator searches for Regale, they think back on their family. Do they think about their parents? Their foals? Do they have an adopted family that has replaced their real one? Is there a family they wish they had?
    • Requirements: 5 stats.
  • Your Ballator’s search isn’t always an easy one. They’ve come across someone or something that they absolutely hate! Who or what is it and how do they react?
    • Requirements: 6 stats. Art entries require minimum 300 word story
  • While wandering, your Ballator becomes hungry. All Ballators have a natural drive to hunt. Weary from their search, your Ballator’s stomach decides food is more important than finding the elusive Regale… Maybe it’s a dream, maybe they wandered too far, or maybe it’s a trick of the light? Your Ballator finds themselves and their rumbling stomach in Regale’s Glade, a place they’ve only heard of in foal stories. Depict your Ballator in this strange land, giving in to their drive to hunt more than just the mountain stallion that holds the next key to their quest.
    • Please follow the prey requirements laid out in Level Two of Regale’s Glade.
    • Requirements: 10 stats. Art entries must include prey and a minimum 300 word story
  • With a hopefully full belly, your Ballator turns their mind to thoughts of stories they’ve heard; stories of mighty battles for all the realms, of gods and goddesses being reborn. What does your Ballator believe about the High, Low, and Deathlords? Do they believe in them all, only a few, or not at all? Depict your character any way you like for this challenge.
    • If you depict a Highlord, Lowlord or Deathlord in your drawing, your character will gain +3 Strength stats. 
    • Requirements: 6 stats. Art entries require minimum 500 word story
  • A challenger appears! Sparring – both friendly and not – is a natural behavior for both male and female Ballators. Depict your Ballator challenging, fighting, or declining a challenge from any group horse.
    • If your character should choose to fight or challenge against Regale, your character will lose the battle but gain an extra +4 Intelligence stats for attempting. 
    • Requirements: 5 stats. Art entries require minimum 150 word story 
  • After a tough spar your Ballator pines for something a little more relaxing. What is your Ballator’s favorite activity? It can be anything at all!
    • Requirements: 4 stats. Art entries require minimum 100 word story
Prizes for Completing Level Two:
  • Medium Stat Boost: 12 Stat points to distribute as you like
  • Additional Slots (2) to participating horse OR 200 Denarii
  • 1 uncommon genetic trait including extra manes added OR 1 small, straight set of horns added. A list of permissible traits is located HERE.

Level Three

  • After successfully finding the three things Regale required in Level 1, your Ballator continues searching for Regale without luck. 
  • Your Ballator has two choices: a) Give up on searching for him and take a nap, at which moment Regale finds you and takes pity on your disrupted sleep cycle, bestowing you with +2 Strength, OR b) continue earnestly searching and eventually find him, and he rewards you with +2 Intelligence.
    • Requirements: 8 stats. Regale must be featured in the entry. Art entries require minimum 100 word story.
  • Regale knows your Ballator has had a long journey. He sits with your Ballator and makes small talk while they rest. Regale asks if there is another Ballator that your Ballator adores? If so, show your Ballator bringing their partner an object of their affection or spending time with that loved one. If your Ballator just hates everyone, show him/her treating themselves to their favorite treat– after all, it’s important to love yourself too!
    • Requirements: 5 stats
  • An ominous change in conversation, Regale asks your Ballator about their greatest fear. What makes your Ballator’s blood freeze and heart race? Oh, how your Ballator wishes Regale would change the subject!
    • Requirements: 5 stats. Art entries also require a minimum 100 word story.
  • Interrupting your rest, a group horse appears and challenges your Ballator  to a match race through the woods and over a small stream. Many obstacles such as logs, rocks, and fallen trees block your way. Regale wishes your Ballator luck as it takes off after the group horse.
    • For Ballators with over 12 Jumping stats, jump the obstacles and gain +2 Jumping stats; or for Ballators with less that 12 jump stats or those who do not wish to jump, run as fast as possible around all the jumps and try to cross the finish line (the stream) in time and gain +2 speed!
    • Drawing/ writing the group horse is optional
    • Requirements: 7 stats. Art entries also require a minimum 300 word story.
  • Winning Streak – Successfully get your Ballator to Intermediate Rank. Once there, draw your Ballator doing something that they feel they’re the best at– everyone loves to brag and it’s OK when Regale isn’t looking!
    • Requirements: 7 stats. Art entries also require a minimum 300 word story.
Prizes for Completing Level Three:
  • Small Stat Boost: 5 Stat points to distribute as you like
  • Additional Slots (2) to participating horse OR 200 Denarii
  • Random Common Ballator Import (One-Time only per member. You may only choose type)
  • Choice between Tidal Horn Decor OR Opalescent Horn Decor

Level Four

  • While your Ballator is feeling a bit braggadocios and confident, enter and place in the top 5 spots of any competition not hosted by you. (Link to the proof of winning in your comment when you have completed all other sections of this level.) If no competition can be found, you may also depict your Ballator hunting a large game in its native habitat. This large game is the biggest animal based upon your ballator’s current hunting level. (ie. If you have a desert at a rookie level, it should hunt a gazelle or camel calf) Check out the Hunting page for available game in each region.
    • Requirements: 8 Stats. Prey must be depicted per hunting system rules.
  • Overview: The below is a list of the largest animals for each type and level. Ballators who have multiple regions will have a slash ( / ) between prey options::
    African | Rookie: Camel Calf. Medial: Zebra. Elitist: Ostrich. Venator: Cape Buffalo.
    Arctic | Rookie: Arctic Fox. Medial: Caribou. Elitist: Arctic Wolf. Venator: Polar Bear.
    Asiatic | Rookie: Chinese Water Deer. Medial: Axis Deer/Chital. Elitist: Pere David’s Deer. Venator: Asian Black Bear.
    Desert | Rookie: Peccary / Camel Calf / Platypus .  Medial: Mule Deer / Zebra / Dingo. Elitist: Alpaca / Ostrich / Sambar Deer . Venator: Bison / Cape Buffalo / Brumby
    Forest | Rookie: Badger. Medial: Roe Deer. Elitist: Fallow Deer. Venator: European Brown Bear.
    Lilliput Rookie: Cape Hare / Indian Flying Fox / Mexican Kingsnake. Medial: Dik Dik / Small Indian Civet / Armadillo. Elitist: Serval / Asian Otter / Agouti. Venator: Nigerian Dwarf Goat / Indian Mongoose / Coati
    Mountain | Rookie: Red Fox / Badger / Platypus    Medial: Mule Deer / Domestic Sheep / Dingo. Elitist: Alpaca / European Bison / Sambar Deer. Venator: American Bison  / European Brown Bear / Brumby.
    Plains | Rookie: Moose Calf. Medial: Caribou. Elitist: Arctic Wolf. Venator: Moose OR Polar Bear.
    Steppe | Rookie: Chinese Water Deer. Medial: Axis Deer. Elitist: Camel Calf. Venator: Domestic Water Buffalo.

  • Phew! Your Ballator is really working hard! Get your Ballator confirmed at the Expert Rank with 400 or more stat points. 
    • Requirements: Link your stat confirmation on your quest tracker as proof.
  • Uh oh! Because your Ballator raced off after the group horse they’ve lost Regale again! Your Ballator must complete a scavenger hunt once more to find that sneaky stallion.
    • Please click “Post Thread” and fill out the form in the Scavenger Hunt subforum. This forum can be found in the Regale’s Quests forum as a subforum. An admin will then give you 4 things to find around the EquusBallator  group. For example: 1 Barbary stallion, 1 blue roan, 1 merle, 1 carey carrier. Find references for the four things, link them in ta reply to the thread, and wait for confirmation.
  • What a journey so far! Your Ballator has gone from a Greenhorn to a highly capable animal. Your Ballator is a force to be reckoned with now and they know it. Show us their best discipline based on their stats distribution.
    • Requirements: 8 stats.  
    • Your Ballator has found him again! Regale laughs, finding this game of hide and seek rather fun. As a final rite of passage, Regale has requested that your Ballator either a) Hunt a King in his Ancient Court, or b) Go on a dangerous search for an illusive and rare plant. Whichever option you accept, you find yourself back in Regale’s Glade, only this time your prey is more difficult to find.
      • Part One (5 Stat Minimum + Literature Requirement):
        • Please follow the prey requirements laid out in Level Four of Regale’s Glade.
        • If you choose to hunt a prey animal: Draw your Ballator hunting one of the Ancient Kings: The Stag Moose, Longhorn Bison, or Sabertooth Lioness. A min. 500 word story is required.
        • If you choose to hunt for Whortleberries: Draw your Ballator either searching for the Whortleberry Bush or finding it among the swamps of The Glade. Eating them will result in disqualification! A min. 700 word story is required.   


      • Part Two (10 Stat Minimum – Must be a separate entry from Part One!): 
        • If you choose to hunt an Ancient King: Draw your Ballator presenting the proof of the hunt to Regale by having therm show the skull or horns of the animal to Regale.
        • If you choose to hunt for Whortleberries: Draw your Ballator presenting a bushel of nice, ripe berries to Regale.
Prizes for Completing Level Four:
  • Large stat boost: 20 Stat points to distribute as you like
  • Additional Slots (5) to participating horse OR 500 Denarii
  • Choose from any Highlord/ Lowlord Gift (Deathlord Gifts are excluded for this prize)
  • One ticket for a Mane Mutation to add to the Ballator who completed all 4 levels or a free Companion from the shop
  • Half-Trait Custom Ballator (One-Time only per member
  • You may now add the Elite Badge to your horse’s reference description!

Chuckling to himself, Regale accepts your offer with a grin.
“You’ve truly proven yourself,” he says with a slow nod, “Even though it doesn’t seem like it, you’ve grown stronger and smarter. The Lords have watched you and they’re proud of your journey. Many paths lay before you now. I wonder which on you will choose…?”
You can feel a pull of wind tugging on your manes. Regale may be done with you, but your journey is far from over.

Please stay tuned for the next installment…