The Albino Mutation - nX | XX

Albinism does not exist in modern horses, but somehow the Equus Ballator has managed to acquire this genetic mutation. Albinism is a complete or partial loss of pigmentation in the skins and organs, such as the eyes. Albinism often causes severe skin issues and retinal problems. In Ballators, there are two types of Albinism: Pseudo Albinism and True Albinism.

If you breed an Albino Ballator, you are able to choose whether that Ballator has Pseudo or True Albinism during the design process.

Albinism should not be confused with Cremello, Dominant White, Paint Genes, or other white dilutions/ modifiers.

Pseudo Ablinism

A Pseudo Albino Ballator has lost most of its ability to produce most pigment though some mutations will still show a slight, muted pigmentation.

Mutations that show on Pseudo Albinos are:

  • Archetain
  • Carey
  • Calva
  • Necrosis
  • Okapi Dun
  • Oryx (All Types)
  • Rictus
  • Zebroid

Pseudo Albino Ballators also express normal horn and eye colors and normal horn mutations.

Pseudo Albino Ballators will not express white markings, such as Paint and Appaloosa, nor will they express minimal white markings.

Example of Pseudo Albinism

True Albinism

A True Albino is completely cream or white colored with pink or peachy tinted horns and hooves.

A True Albino Ballator’s eyes may have a red tint to them due to blood showing through the unpigmented iris. Any thin skinned area will show the pink skin below.

The “real” horn color for True Albino Ballators will pass on genetically to their foals. “Real” horn hexes must be shown on their design plaques and recorded as the horn hex code.

True Albinos express only Hornstripe or Hornfade.

Example of True Albinism

'False' Albinism and Poecilia

To learn more about False Albinism on Poecilia Ballators, please click HERE.

This guide does not fully explore Poecilia’s ‘False’ Albinism as it is not tied to the nX or XX gene, but is rather a mutation within the Poecilia gene itself.

This section is provided as an honorable mention, but if your Ballator has Poecilia we recommend clicking the link to the guide above.

Example of 'False' Albino and Poecilia

The section below applies only to Pseudo Albinism. True Albinism on Ballators will cover all mutations except for Hornfade and Hornstripe, as stated in the guide above.

Goes Above:

  • Arctos
  • Aves
  • Chrome
  • Clownfish
  • Dotted Sooty
  • Dusty
  • Fu
  • Jester
  • Merle
  • Poecilia
  • Reverse Roan
  • Sunset
  • Taffy
  • Tuxedo

Interacts With:

  • Archetain
  • Carey
  • Calva
  • Necrosis
  • Okapi Dun
  • Oryx (All Types)
  • Zebroid

Goes Below:

  • Horn Mutations (All)
  • Veneum (Retired)

Can Go Above or Below:

  • None