The Equus Ballator Admin Team

Please thoroughly read through this information before applying.

Applications will initially be kept on file by the team until our next team meeting. Admin Team Meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month and are mandatory for all current admins to attend. If you have a schedule that conflicts with these meetings, we advise not applying at this time.

While this is a volunteer position, each team member takes their job seriously and the team works as a whole to make group decisions.

What is the difference between an Admin & an Intern?

Interns are very helpful, energetic individuals with a good work ethic who help the Admins do small tasks around the group, such as General Submissions, Stat Confirmations, Literature Submissions, General Inquiry, and more! Interns do not have access to the group's password-protected functions, such as the EBS and BDA accounts.

Admins posses a more demanding position of running group functions. People who apply to these positions must be familiar with many assets of the group, not just the job they are applying for! Admins are required to be good with people and knowledgeable about Ballators and the way the group runs, as well as a teachability and willingness to help in areas you may not usually help in!

The Current Admin Team & Their Roles

Our admin team is always looking for more members! We are a hard working and close knit team that prides fun and feedback above all else. Each team member has been vetted through Admin Training and elected by the group as a whole through discussion. Admins are expected to meet a weekly quota and failure to do so means that the admin may be asked to step down.

This is, as previously stated, a volunteer job. Customer Service must be exemplary and hard work and initiative are factors when choosing new admins.

If you are interested in applying for an Intern or Admin position must meet the following requirements:
  • Applicants must have access to a computer – No mobile-only users please!
    • Many of the group’s behind the scenes functions require more than the current mobile version of DeviantART allows access too.
  • Applicants must have NO prior warnings or bans from the Equus Ballator group. Any applications from members with previous infractions will be immediately denied.
  • Applicants must have a good work ethic, be honest, and be mature in their dealings with other members.
    • Knowledge and experience in conflict resolution is always required, in some positions more than others, but all admins are encouraged to engage with members in the community and must do so in a polite yet firm way that does not leave the members feeling put out or unheard.
  • When applying, Admin Applicants must be at least 20 years of age. Intern Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Members under 16 should not apply.
  • Applicants must be currently and consistently active withing the group and must be knowledgeable in most, if not all, Equus Ballator group functions.
  • Applicants must be able to help with the group at least 4 days a week.
  • Applicants must be open to the possibility of helping in other areas around the group as all positions have overlap.

Applications from members who do not meet the above base requirements will be denied or shelved until all requirements are met. Individual roles (listed below) also have additional requirements and qualifications. We encourage all interested members to review the roles listed below before sending in their application.

The only group roles not open for application at this time are the roles of Breeding Admin and Group Coordinator.

Fargo is our group creator and is the head admin. Equus Ballators would not exist without her!

Your Group Coordinators are the admins who check the readiness of the breeding notes, maintain the Monthly Quests, field group notes, and who generally help guide the team. They are what you might consider the HR Department.

:iconbrynlison: :iconkalmanen::iconChocolatesparerib: 
The Banking Team is in charge of all transactions that occur in The Denarii Hub. To work in this job, admins are expected to be highly organized and efficient when logging all transactions as well as honest and polite when responding to members.


As the Breeding Admin, their role is to go through each Breeding Thread sent in to the group and roll the breedings so new and official Ballators can be made within the game. They also upload the plaques for the breeding notes.


The Character Profile Team focuses on making sure that all Ballator references meet the proper Registration requirements and logs accepted character profiles onto the BallatorDesignAdmin plaques. These admins must be detail oriented and have a good knowledge of dealing with different people and their communication styles. This is a very communication heavy job where a good customer service “voice” is desired.

:iconbay-blade::iconbrynlison::iconolivedoodle: :iconComplacentFool:

The Design Team reviews and approves the pending designs in the BallatorDesignAdmin account. This is one of the most demanding jobs due to the many interactions and standards of the Ballator breed. Design Admins must be proficient in customer service as this is an area where dealing with members can quickly dissolve in to upsets and dramas when corrections are asked for.

:iconolivedoodle: :iconHelloWishbone:
This is another dual position as they go hand in hand. The Group Horse Rental must be approved by a polite and organized admin and  Quests requires admins who are also creative and open minded to different members’ interpretations of the prompts. There is job overlap as these admins will also be in charge of keeping tack of and confirming all Group Horse stats.


The Highlord Hub Team reviews and approves all of the activities involved in the Highlord Hub (Pledging, Offering, Gift Applications). This is one of the most demanding jobs due to the many interactions and standards of the Ballator breed. As well as the fact that these individuals need a strong understanding of the group’ lore.  Admins must be proficient in customer service as this is an area where dealing with members can quickly dissolve in to upsets and dramas when corrections are asked for.

The Hunting and Wild Ballator Team is in charge of rolling any hunts in The Hunting System and any capture attempts in The Wild Ballator System. These jobs go hand in hand and require admins who are polite and creative as responses to members are part of the game when making things interesting.

:iconskellri: :iconbay-blade:

The Moderator Team is in charge of working on bettering the experience of the Equus Ballator website and forums through updates and coding. This team is responsible for all of the amazing changes the group has seen since it’s migration from DeviantART. If members have an issue with access on The Fourms, The Hub, or with reaching parts of any of the website, the Moderators will respond in kind.


Admins working in the Newbie Natal Center are responsible for maintaining and updating the member donated slots that make these Free Newbie Breedings possible. These admins deal with accepting and marking donated slots and issuing the monthly rewards to members who donate the slots. This job requires a positive attitude and a willingness to be helpful and kind to new members as they navigate our breeding system for the first time.

:iconnaomithewolf: :iconbrynlison::iconChocolatesparerib: 
The Transfer Team ensures that all in game ownership transfers are successfully logged on the plaques located in the BallatorDesignAdmin account. They are responsible for verifying ownership and ensuring that any references posted in the group are removed to avoid clutter. This position requires admins who are polite and organized to ensure the correct transfers being logged.

Responsible for reading all Literature submissions, this team is an invaluable part of reviewing General Submissions. Without a Literature Team, the General Submissions would get bogged down faster and the wait times of acceptance would be longer. These admins must show a strong understanding of the Literature Guidelines as laid out in The Stat System.

:iconbay-blade: :iconAltairCallisto: 

The Stat Team is responsible for correctly confirming all stats in The Stat System. Another highly demanding job, these admins need to show strong organizational and math skills as well as Customer Service skills. Statmins will be required to develop a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets in order to keep track of the correct math for joint review.

:iconolivedoodle:   :iconespclyheinous: :iconChocolatesparerib: 

We have a current cap of six Interns at a time. Interns are working towards being full admins, but do not currently meet the age requirements. Interns can also be someone who is not able to meet the time requirements of a full admin but has some time they want to help contribute. Each intern answers to a specific admin on the admin team and will work closely with that admin until they are old enough to become an admin or trusted to be on their own. Interns do not often manage the ancillary accounts of BallatorDesignAdmin and EquusBallatorSociety , but are more often found in General Submissions or reply positions where they can aid their admins.

All admins overlap in certain areas. No admin has just one function at this time. Every single admin is expected to learn how to review and accept General Art and Literature Submissions, how to upload plaques, and how to fill out plaque information. Group Artwork is also divided up among the admin team to ensure that the burden of new artwork does not fall on one specific team member.

Current Open Positions

We will always accept applications for any role in the Ballator group year round, but below are some specific positions that the team would like help in filling:

Currently Listed Team Roles

  • The Stat Team
  • The Design Team
  • The Hunting and Wild Ballator Team
  • The Highlord Hub Team

While other applications for jobs not immediately needed will be kept on file and reviewed, the above listed positions take precedence in hiring and will be considered first. The Teams in need of full system overhauls will be considered case by case as they will require the most flexibility from a learning admin.

Applying to be an Admin

To apply to become a member of The Admin Team, please fill out the corresponding form below and click the “Submit” button.

Please DO NOT note applications to the DeviantART Group or directly to Fargo or other admins. They will be immediately declined and we will not consider you for a position on the team in the future.

Once sent, one of the Group Coordinators will reply to your application to let you know if it is being reviewed, held on file, or if it is declined. Applications held for review will be reviewed by the whole team multiple times over the course of several months.

If, at any time, you wish to withdraw your application, please post a thread HERE on the Equus Ballator forums.

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