How to Register Your Ballator

A registered Ballator is one who has it’s design uploaded into the BallatorDesignAdmin account and has an accepted reference in the DeviantART group. Only horses with approved and posted designs in BDA are allowed to have references.

Ballators must follow their type standards in their references; they also must follow their sex’s standards and fit within a possible height range for their type. All this information can be found here: BREED STANDARDS

Judas Horse

reference is a piece of artwork that depicts your Ballator and holds all of the pertinent information such as the Ballator’s ID, type, lineage, etc.

References must have all traits that the import sheet has, including the information in the description. A reference is an image that portrays your Ballator’s physical attributes. References cannot be literature-based or black and white; there must be an image of the Ballator present! References must be colored with all markings present to the best of your ability. 

A reference must contain certain important information that is required; optional information such as personality, age, height, etc is encouraged! If choosing to add in height, be sure to check out our Equus Ballator Type Size Guide so that you can be aware of the specific height of your Ballator’s type.

  • The reference must be titled “NAME ID” or “ID NAME”, nothing more or less.  Names cannot contain racial slurs, offensive terms, derogatory terms, or anything along those lines.
  • Free-to-use lineart may not be used. You may make your own base for your own horses, but these will not gain you stats.
  • A headshot is the minimum required portrayal of your Ballator.
  • Do not attempt to register unless your horse is accepted into the Design account.

Cosmetic Changes for Your Ballator

You can add certain cosmetic changes to your horse. These can include:

  • Shaved manes (must show evidence of mane shaven)
  • Shortened horns (must be a simple, clean slice, cannot be lower than halfway down the horn), or smaller horns in growth for foals/yearlings
  • Stable brands
  • Tattoos that do not impersonate mutations
  • Jewelry / Accessories
  • Mane extensions can be added, but it must be noted in the description.
  • All cosmetic changes must be mentioned in the reference description.

Horses with cross or inbreeding defects must show their defects on their reference.

Cosmetic changes that are not allowed include:

  • Changing a horse’s horn color superficially.
  • Removing/altering canine teeth
  • Cutting off a horn more than halfway down the horn, re-shaping horns, or complete removal of horns without Hannibal’s aid,
  • Contact lenses/ changing the eye color
  • Changing a Type’s biological bodytype/traits
  • Bald/maneless Ballators without Hannibal’s aid or bald mane mutation
  • Shoulders/ necks that do not show evidence of shaven/ removed manes
  • Painted/ dyed coats or manes

No additional markings may be added other than stable brands, tattoos, and traits mentioned in the above section. 

Required Information for your Reference

Once you draw your reference, in the artists’ description area is where you put all your mandatory information. The template below shows the mandatory information that is required. You may use this template and edit it to your heart’s content to make it unique to your stable. Please remember that it must be easy to read! The title of your Deviation must read the horse’s name and it’s ID number. Please, do not right-align the information in your reference. This messes up the formatting and makes it extremely confusing.

Foal Design/Import Design:
Transfer Link/Breeding note Link (if needed):
—————————————— SSS: Unknown
—————– SS: Unknown
—————————————— SSD: Unknown
—————————————— SDS: Unknown
—————– SD: Unknown
—————————————— SDD: Unknown
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DS: Unknown
—————————————— DSD: Unknown
—————————————— DDS: Unknown
—————– DD:  Unknown
—————————————— DDD:  Unknown
Breeding Slots:
  • If desired, you can also include STATS and a link to your Ballator’s stat tracker.
  • A lineage tree will not need to go past three generations.
  • Please note that if your Ballator has a lot of stat images, it would be nice to have all the images listed on a separate stat tracker rather than on the reference itself. 

A Note on Lineages:

You must ONLY link horses from the BallatorDesignAdmin gallery. Do not link references!

Artwork (c) AltairCallisto

Once your information is in the reference, you may submit to the ‘References’ folder in the Equus Ballator DeviantART group. Please wait patiently for the horse to be reviewed, and an admin will get back to you if needed for any corrections. Once your horse is accepted, you are free to play the game, role play on The Forums, and participate in group activities!