Regale's Glade

“Welcome, Hunter, to my Glade…”

The air is cool, but refreshing here. Under your hooves is fresh spring grass, no matter the season, and buds of fresh wildflowers. Before you stands Regale, or perhaps its just his likeness? It’s hard to tell with the sunlight beating directly behind his back, blurring his edges and blinding your eyes.
“You’re proving yourself on my quest, but I ask more of you on your journeys. This is my home, my respite from the mortal realms. All Ballators may hunt here with my permission and blessing.
I have asked you to hunt for specific things, all of which can be found here. If you are ever concerned about what you are hunting on my Quests, then you can come here as a refresher.”

About The Glade

Regale’s Glade, known to The Highlords as Tuare or The Garden is a pocket Eden and home to the first Ballator created by Highlord Aether: Regale. Impassable mountains surround The Glade on almost all sides except for one. One end of The Glade is home to a shimmering blue seashore and no one save Aether knows what lies on the other side of the peaceful waves, for the water is too deep.

Untouched by the trials faced in the rest of the world, The Glade is home to specially adapted plants and animals not found anywhere else. Regale allows those who accept his quests a chance to enter his realm and see these wonders for themselves. Those who hold Aether as their patron and prove to be the most devout of followers may learn how to enter The Glade at any time.

Rules for Hunting in Regale's Glade

  • The Glade can only be hunted in by a Ballator that is participating in Regale’s Quests. He’s very protective of his home for now.
  • Please list “Regale’s Glade” in the region section of the hunting form.
  • All types of Ballator are able to hunt in Regale’s Glade
  • Please continue to post the Hunting Form laid out in The Hunting System and please submit all hunts to the Hunting folder of the group.
  • Please meet the stat total required of the Quest you’re participating in.

Huntable Items for Level Two of Regale's Quests

White Antlered Deer

Like it’s whitetail deer cousins, the White Antlered Deer is usually found in shades of browns and greys, though albino and melanistic deer have been seen in The Glade in the past. The only difference in the deer of The Glade are it’s shining white antlers on the stags.

Shadow Black Jackrabbit

What was that?! At first glance, it looked like the shadow of a hare, but now you can see its shining blue eyes as it darts under the bushes. Quick masters of hiding, the Shadow Black Jackrabbit is a hare all its own and the fastest prey in The Glade.

Sunkissed Gazelle

Smaller than the deer, and certainly faster, the sunkissed gazelle seem like they would be better off in the deserts ruled by a great king, but they call The Glade their home. While they share typical gazelle builds and markings, their coats shine like spun gold in the light. So far, only Desert Ballators have been able to catch these shining animals… do you have what it takes?

Steel Forest Fox

They don’t look much bigger than the jackrabbits! These small grey foxes travel in mated pairs and are fierce defenders of their kits and dens. Even the smallest Ballator will be able to bring down a steel forest fox, if they can handle its teeth an tenacity!

Large Skunk Cabbage

Ew! What’s that smell?? While winding through the trees you came across a massive, smelly plant. Thinking this may be something to show Regale your mad hunting skills, you bent to tear off a leaf– only to have the odor get a hundred times worse! Can you brave the odor to bring this plant back to Regale?

Super Sweet Dahlias

Bright orange flowers dot The Glade and they give off the most amazing smell– just like a big old bag of sugar! If you try to dig one of these Dahlias up, you just might discover that there’s an added surprise with it’s tuberous roots– a sweet potato so sweet that you just might get a cavity.

Low Flying Cloudberries

Small white flowers hide these golden berries under their petals. While not as sweet as the dahlias, they smell like their own little version of heaven. You could almost get drunk off of the smell… I wonder what it tastes like

Frozen Salt Ice

Shining white among some of the rocks in The Glade, you’ve noticed streaks of what you thought might be ice. Certainly, when you give it a good sniff, it smells like the frozen tundras! But there’s another smell to it: salt! Why, this is nothing more than a shiny salt vein in the stone! Lucky you to have found a Regale Approved mineral deposit!

Huntable Items for Level Four of Regale's Quests
(Ancient Kings and Whortleberreies)

The Stag Moose

It’s the size of a moose, so it must be one, right? Towering above you with antlers that have more tines than should be allowed is The Stag Moose. His eyes hold centuries past, reminding you of a time when the world was covered in ice. One swing of his antlers can prove deadly if not careful!

The Longhorn Bison

You’re supposed to be the same size as them, right? What is with the animals here! You thought you knew what a bison looked like and then Regale asked you to hunt down this one. Like the other Old Timers in The Glade, The Longhorn makes you think of frigid and eternal winter; the air cools around you both as he approaches, lowering his massive head to charge.

The Sabertooth Lioness

Sunlight filtered through the trees and reflected on golden movement in the tall grass. She may not be as large as the other Kings in Regale’s ancient court, but the lioness has earned her place here in The Glade. Battle hardened and scarred, she is down one eye that was lost in a skirmish long ago. Don’t think this will slow her down any, she has speed and stealth on her side, and age has taught her patience.

The Whortleberry Bush

Finding berries? That’s not hard at all! Or… is it? The soft grass under your hooves gives way to a smelly peat bog as you wander deeper in to the glade. The air here is noxious and you can see the muddied tines of white antlered deer rising from the depths around you– they’re victims of the bogs’ shifting ground. Thinking you’ve found the whortleberries without having to go too far, you bend down only to discover one berry hanging from the withered bush. ‘That’s how they grow,’ Regale’s voice seems to echo in your head. Reluctantly, you wade deeper, knowing that Regale would like a whole bushel versus one sad berry.