Welcome to Equus Ballator! We hope you enjoy yourself here, and we will be every ready to answer any questions you need answered! If, at any time, you have questions or need help, please reach out to the group via Discord, DeviantART Note, or Suggestion Box!

This page will help you start your journey in the Equus Ballator world. You’ll find everything you need here to get started in the group.

How to Acquire Your First Ballator

To start your journey, you’ll need a Ballator, of course! You will also need to be a member of the EquusBallator DeviantART Group! Remember, Ballators are a closed breed; This means you cannot create your own or hire anyone other than the admins to create one for you. But there are several ways to get your first Ballator!

The first step that you’ll want to take is to look at the different Ballator Types and decide which one you want. There are, currently, 9 known types of Ballator. Make sure to read their breed pages carefully! They are linked below:

Registering Your Ballator

For a horse to be registered successfully, there are a few small steps to do. It’s a simple process and only requires a little work on your part! All Ballators must be registered in order to fully ‘exist’, breed, and participate in group events. After confirmation of either the breeding or the ownership transfer, you have no deadline to draw the reference, but without a reference the horse is not ‘alive’, per say.

If you are registering a Ballator from the old group, here is the information you need: 

Registering EB’s from the Old Group

If you are registering a Ballator purchased or bred in the new group, here is the information you need: 
  • You must be a member of the DeviantART group: EquusBallator
  • Your Ballator must have an accepted Plaque on the BallatorDesignAdmin Account. Please follow the rules of the design system. All designs are logged on the BDA account. Once that design is accepted and uploaded, you are free to register your Ballator.
  • Names do not have to be unique, but it is preferred. Another unique Ballator trait is the presence of a Latin name, but this is not required, although a majority of Ballator’s have Latin names.
  • List the ID number of the horse in the title of its reference. If the ID number (given to you when the breeding note was sent in or listed on it’s import sheet) is not listed, we cannot accept it into the group. An example of the proper reference title is: 0000 | Ballator’s Name.
  • The reference can be fullbody or headshot, but fullbody is recommended. Plus it gets you more Stat Points (See Below)!
  • Premade linearts are allowed with permission if if made by you, but they will not count for Stat Points.
  • The reference must include basic necessary information: the ID, name, breed/ type, genotype, phenotype, sex, age, height, age, bloodline, offspring, stats, and slots as well as a link to the accepted BDA plaque. Please see the below examples of accepted references that feature the required information with their own added flair:
  • Once the reference is accepted into the group, congrats! Your Ballator is now fully registered and is able to earn stats, participate in group activities, and be bred!

Breeding Your Ballator

Please view the following guide: How to Submit a Breeding

You will have to follow all design rules as laid out in the BallatorDesignAdmin account.

Please Note the Group or ask us a question on Discord if there are any questions or confusions about Breeding or Designing your Ballator. An admin will be glad to help you to the best of their abilities. Noting the Group and asking via Discord are the fastest ways to get responses from the Admin Team.

The Stat System

The Equus Ballator Stat System allows you to gain and confirm points for your Ballator that will make it stronger and more proficient in different Group Activities. The Stat System also offers rewards for confirming your Ballator’s earned and inherited stats in the form of Highlord Gifts, Extra Breeding Slots, Denarii, and Prizes!

Please read the information laid out in the journal below for more detail on how your Ballator can gain stats:
The Stat System

Resources for your Convenience

That’s it! That’s how you get started here in EquusBallator. Feel free to note us if you have any other questions!

Information updated May 24, 2020

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