What are Quests?

Quests are a way to explore your Ballator’s Character while also getting some special prizes that you may be unable to earn elsewhere! It is often costly in order to gain these special prizes, however! Some quests are long and arduous while others require sacrificing of special items.

General Rules for Quests

Before one may embark on Quests, there are some rules that you must follow. Should you not follow these rules, your entry will, unfortunately, be unable to count.

  • All artwork must contain a background.
  • Please take your time and show your best effort with each entry. Do not rush through entries.
  • All artwork/ literature must be done by the owner of the horses that are questing.
    • No collaborations are allowed. Members may have each of their Ballators going through together, but they must make separate entries for their respective Ballators. 
  • All artwork must be colored. Shading is optional but does earn you more stats.
  • Levels/ entries can be completed in any order (unless otherwise specified).
  • Each entry must be it’s own separate submission.
  • The minimum stat requirement of each quest must be met before any companion stat bonuses may be applied.
  • Stat grids will not be accepted as entries. Comics will accepted as entries so long as only one prompt is depicted per comic, only horses relevant to the prompt are shown, and the stats are capped at 20. (Reminder: Companion bonuses will not apply to comics as they are counted by stat grid guidelines!)
Up to 3 Ballators may do quests together in each entry.
  • Only the horse participating in the quests can win the prize. One horse must complete all quests itself.
  • For literature entries, the stat count required is per ballator – so if 2 EBs are doing a Quest prompt that has a 5 stat minimum as a literature entry together then the minimum stat count would be 10 stats. 
Rules for Submitting Your Entries
  • It is suggested that your Ballator have a separate area set aside to track which Quests they are doing and what levels they have completed.
    • Submitted Journals on DA, Websites (Google Sites/Weebly), Google Docs, and The Forums are all acceptable places to be used as a Quest Tracker.
    • An example of a correct Regale Quest Tracker can be found here: 006 IHS Leoni Ludae | Regale’s Quests
  • Each type of Quest will ask you to label the title of it a certain way so that the Quest Reviewers may have an easier time reviewing it. Be sure to check how you are supposed to title each type of Quest.
  • A link to participating Ballator’s reference, the Quest page, stat breakdown, and stat total must be in the description.
  • When you complete a Quest Level/Set, please leave an appropriate post in the correct forum.
    • ie. Regale’s Quests Level Confirmations should be done in the Regale’s Quests Forum

Regale's Quests

After the Realm Wars had ravaged the Ballator world, Regale had stepped up to offer these lost and forsaken Ballators a way to find themselves again. These quests are designed to be long and grueling, but in the end the prizes that can be earned are extraordinary. 

The Twins' Quests

The Twins

It had been years since the Realm Wars, for some it had been merely a legend to explain away why the world looked the way it did. Everything changed once the Red Star Rising had happened. From that, we were introduced to The Twins: Betelguese and Antares. The Twins offer their Quests for you to appeal to their master, The Deathlord Tyndariai for the chance to gain one of his elusive gifts.

Hannibal Exutus