Notable Locations

Within the ever expanding canon and lore of Equus Ballator, there are many important locations that may be referred to off and on.

Some locations have many names, some only have one, and some locations are not yet reachable to Ballator-kind. This page may contain spoilers for certain quests and storylines. Please proceed with caution when reading. Locations within the lore are also always changing and updating; new places may appear and places may fall to the annals of time and legend only. The admin team advises caution when depicting locations that have not been fully introduced to the various mechanics of the game.

The Highrealm

The Highrealm is beautiful. A rolling and swirling cacophony of colors and lights; stars bursting into brilliant existence and dying in dazzling glory.

The Highrealm is the Land of the Highlords; a sort of Heaven for Ballatorkind. Seemingly formless space, it is alive with color. Nebulas spiral upwards to form pillars that hold aloft a canopy of galaxies and cosmic dust. The “ground,” as the Highlords know it, is hidden by swirling mists that float just above its surface.

Everywhere is bursting with color; it comes from all directions- shimmering and resplendent. The Highrealm is a reflection of the joy of life itself.

The Highrealm

The Lowrealm

In direct contrast to The Highrealm, The Lowrealm is dark and devoid of color, light, and the exuberance of life. The Lowrealm gives off almost a sense of existing in a greyscale world.

Likened to a black whole, no light enters The Lowrealm and only a few know how to escape it’s pits. Ballators sentenced to The Lowrealm experience both an icy and cloistering paranoia and a vast fear of nothingness at one time. The Lowrealm is unbearably cold; beyond even what Arctic Ballators are known to endure. This has led to the legend that Lowlord Hannibal’s skin is icy cold due to his time sentenced there and is why he now chooses a throne of fire on Earth.

The only source of light ever discernible in The Lowrealm is the internum of Lowlord Hannibal as he stalks through the nothingness. Illuminated by Hannibal, one can sometimes see the shadows of dead and broken moons floating in the blackness of the void, but there is not much else to see. 

The Charred Plains & Within

The Charred Plains

The Charred Plains were once a beautiful and verdant land– more than even a rolling plains, they were once home to trees and animals and multiple rivers and lakes. During The Realmwars, the Gods destroyed the land, who’s name has been lost to time. Once glorious and beautiful, The Plains are now a mockery.

Scarred and ugly, there is no longer plantlife within The Charred Plains. The hooves of The Gods tore deep into the land as they battled and the land is now dead and torn apart. Rivers and lakes have become deep crevices and canyons and are littered with the bones of Ballators and other animals that have been trapped falling into them. Occasionally, one might stumble upon a boiling pit of lava or an unstable and toxic geyser.

Jutting cliffs surround the majority of The Plains and are home to several Herds and Factions that continue the battle started by their Gods. The hard ground is coated by ash– a constant source of which is Orodrune, The Pit. Ballators who call The Plains their homes are hardy and, often times, as unforgiving as the land around them.

Despite it’s new barren nature, there are a few important locations within The Charred Plains…

Aether's Hoofprint & The Crypts

Aether’s Hoofprint is an oasis, of sorts, set within The Charred Plains. It offers the illusion of safety to Ballators and other animals that might find themselves roaming The Plains’ harsh and unforgiving environment.

The waters in Aether’s Hoofprint are toxic and can cause Ballators to become Startouched, which is often fatal. Crumbling statues litter The Hoofprint, most of them reminiscent of Highlords from long ago. A waterfall at it’s center covers an entrance to mysterious crypts.

The Crypts are currently guarded by Ares’ Hunters in an attempt to keep other Ballators out of them, though there is a rumor that the few Hunters who entered it to explore did not come out alive…

Orodrune, The Pit

Hannibal’s Hell on Earth; The Pit is sunken into the ground, guarded by a moat of lava and sheer cliffs that jut up like the talons of a mighty beast.

Hannibal’s throne is in the center of this devastation. The Lowlord, free from the confines of The Lowrealm, surrounds himself with ghouls and chaos in the place where he was defeated by Ares and Aether during The Realmwars.

Currently, Orodrune is untouchable by Ballators who have not completed Hannibal’s Quests. All who try to enter Orodrune without the Lowlord’s final blessing will be burned alive and turned into ghouls to guard his homeset.

Urdun, The Stronghold

Inside the maw of a giant and long dead monster is the entrance to a series of caves guarding the home of Ares’ Hunters.

The caves extended to the highest mountain peaks and rumor has it that Tuare can be reached if the Highlordess’ caves are navigated correctly.

Urdun is a labyrinthine fortress built into the jutting cliffs around The Plains. Currently, only Ballators who have pledged themselves to Ares and taken up the Ghoulish Hunt may enter Urdun.

Tuare, The Garden

Tuare, also known as The Garden or Regale’s Glade is where the first Ballator’s hooves touched upon the earth after Aether’s Creation.

Nestled in a mountain valley just far enough from Orodrune to be safely hidden, Tuare is home to its own unique animals and ecosystem.

Tuare is, currently, only accessible briefly through Regale’s Quests or permanently for those who have climbed the mountains to the Temple of the Three to begin Aether’s Quests.

The Temple of the Three

Located high in the mountains just beyond The Charred Plains is the aptly named Mountain of Three. A well worn and often used path is carved into its side, just wide enough for two Ballators to walk side by side or pass each other easily on their way up and down the cliffs.

Located almost at the peak of The Mountain is the intricately carved cave entrance to The Temple of the Three. The Temple is a place where the remaining Lords can most easily interact with their devotees. Most commonly referred to by Ballators as The Highlord Meeting Place, The Temple is one of the most commonly visited locations within the Ballator world.

Located just inside the entrance are three stone altars dedicated to the last surviving Lords: Highlord Aether, Highlordess Ares, and Lowlord Hannibal. Surrounding the altars are offerings and trinkets left from visitors as they pledge and pray to their chosen Patron. Slightly to the side of the altars, and tucked in the shadows is the Wayfarer’s Hoard for those who have not yet pledged their loyalty to a Lord.

Moving past the altars is a winding tunnel decorated from floor to ceiling with paintings and carvings of both New and Old Gods of Ballatorkind. The designs swirl together in a never ending image, depicting stories upon stories– somethat have been forgotten and some that have not been told yet.

The decorations abruptly end when the tunnel opens up to a large atrium, the skylight set high in its ceiling illuminating the three grouped statues in its center. The statues are of the remaining Lords; arranged in a circle around the natural spotlight from above, the statues beckon Ballators to their center where the expectant devotees may ask the Lords to grant them with special gifts.

The Enchanted Forest

Home to Puck, a Trickster Troubadour who sometimes offers help to Aether and Ares, The Enchanted Forest is prone to wandering and never stays in the same place. All sorts of fantastical beasts live within The Enchanted Forest and some times Puck or The Lords will challenge Ballators to hunt within it.

The Deadwoods

The Deadwoods

A wandering manifestation of the damage, death, and destruction caused during The Realmwars, The Deadwoods answer only to Lowlord Hannibal and are often called upon when the lord feels that the world needs some confusion thrown its way.