Group NPCs

Within the world and Lore of Equus Ballator there are many, many unique and exciting characters for your own Ballator to interact with. From the powerful Highlords and Demigod Troubadours down to the owned by all Group Horses and the story driven NPCs, there are lost of different categories of Ballators to help build your own story when joining the group.

NPCs are Non Playable Characters who, unlike the Group Horses, are almost always sterile and have specific functions within the group or the lore. NPCs can be created from scratch or donated to the group by members. They are real Ballators with IDs who accumulate stats and may develop certain powers and traits as they do.

NPCs are scattered throughout the many locations within the Equus Ballator canon lore. Members and their Ballators may interact with them or ignore them; they are there to aid in character development and further the immersion of the world, but they are not often required interactions. Occasionally, there may be a Monthly Quest that requires your Ballator to interact with an NPC, but those quests are, in themselves, not required for group participation either.

Rules for Group NPCs

NPCs are free to use in the artwork and literature of any and all group members. Certain NPCs have specific functions or roles within group lore, so please read through their short bios below to learn more about them. Please also keep in mind the following rules when using group NPCs:

  • Treat the NPCs as you would any other player character. 
  • NPCs should be kept as “in-character” as possible. If you are uncertain how an NPC might act, please ask the group via The Forums or ask the admin team via Discord.

Donate a NPC to the Group

Would you like to donate an NPC to the group? We are always looking for new characters to expand our lore, but unlike Group Horses, there are a few more rules for NPCs due to their use and nature. Please follow the rules and guidelines below before clicking on the donation button:

  • Undesigned Genos or Designed Ballators with no past or present references or histories are preferred.
  • The Ballator must not have any used or to-be used slots. All slots must be clean. NPCs are most often sterilized and this will help avoid the confusion if someone is not notified of a Ballator’s donation to the team.
  • Donations are voted on by an admin panel and not all Ballators submitted for Donation may be accepted. If you would still like to donate a Ballator to the group and it is rejected as an NPC, you may request the possibility of donating it to the Group Horses.
  • Member planned names and personalities are WIPED upon accepted donation and the NPC will be remade to fit the goals of the group’s storyline.
  • At no point should a member use their Donated Ballator as a status symbol or bragging rights. These NPCs belong to the group as a whole and no longer to an individual member.

A Quick Guide of All Group NPCs


Nobody is quite sure where Regale came from. Legend says that he is the first Ballator to ever exist, gifted with Immortality by the Highlords; his fur made from the sand of the seashore, his markings from clouds above the waves, and his horn color from the ocean itself. Regale is very reclusive, only offering himself to the most genuine of people. 

He wanders along coasts and seashores mostly, enjoying the ocean and breathing in the sea air. Despite his reclusive nature, Regale is very friendly and noble, wise and will offer council when needed. He has never been seen angry, even though he has existed for who knows how long.

Regale is also the caretaker of The Glade, an illusive place only available to those who are courageous and strong enough to go through Regale’s Quests.


  • Give your Ballator a vague but rewarding series of quests
  • Have a polite conversation about Highlords with your Ballator
  • Aid any Ballator should they ask for help
  • Treat all Ballators with kindness equally
  • Encourage self awareness and growth


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Fight or argue with your Ballator
  • Allow access to The Glade if your Ballator has not completed his quests
  • Give your Ballator gifts outside of his Quests


  • Starcrossed Lover (Star) is Regale’s mate
  • Aoife and Adham are Regale’s foals that reside in The Glade
  • Puck is a trickster Troubadour, but is an old friend
  • Elementor is a young stallion that Regale has taken an interest in helping


Owl was long known as the official Judas Horse of the Equus Ballator Society, used by handlers to lure wild Ballators into their grasp. She was known as a sweet, if quiet and cool mare, rarely speaking except to make a short remark. Owl’s occupation continued for many years, and after her tasks were completed, she would vanish mysteriously and was unable to be found until there was need of her again. With the appearance of the Red Star, Owl continued her duties without batting an eye, seemingly oblivious – willfully or otherwise – to the glowing orb that pulsated ever more in the sky…

Owl is confirmed to be a shapeshifter – she often reverts to her mild-mannered, innocent Judas Horse self in order to continue her facade as the EBS Judas Horse. It appears she still has the wool over many an onlookers’ eye..

Owl’s true personality is now fully in the light: Quick to her feet, agile and equipped with a silver tongue, she is fiery and sly as a dragonling, with an intense loyalty to Hannibal. Some may even say there is more than loyalty in her for him.


  • Hide from most Ballators
  • Lead your Ballator astray
  • Lie to your Ballator
  • Discuss Lowlord Hannibal if asked about him


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Help or save your Ballator from danger
  • Allow access to The Deadwoods unless there is a special event
  • Appeal to Lowlord Hannibal for your Ballator


  • Apophis is always quick to serve Owl in any way that he can
  • Antares and Betelgeuse are not trusted and are worth a fight


Pious and kind-hearted, Elementor is the intrepid leader of Aether’s Warriors. The Plains Stallion is a staunch believer in his chosen Highlord and is quick to spread the All Father’s word to all that will hear. 

Elementor is known for his good natured enthusiasm and air for heroism. There is not much on The Charred Plains that this stallion truly fears. Though he and Regale have occasionally crossed paths, Elementor is not nearly as mystical as the pied stallion. Elementor is more focused on doing Aether’s works and, as such, has never really thought about taking a mate of any gender.

This stallion is good natured, but not as calm and collected as Regale. Elementor is young and it shows in his brash decision making and over confident attitude. Elementor is keen to grow his herd and will welcome all Unpledged and invite them to learn about Aether. He is indifferent to Ares’ followers and will not tolerate followers of Hannibal or Tyndariai.


  • Joke with your Ballator
  • Welcome any Unpledged or Aether Follower into his territory
  • Challenge any Hannibal Follower to a fight
  • Discuss Highlord Aether if prompted


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Offer assistance to Followers of Hannibal or Tyndariai
  • Give up his belief in Aether
  • Abandon his herd


  • Regale is like a mentor to Elementor


This large mare is the collected leader of Tyndariai’s Acolytes, a fairly new sect of Ballator Herd located on The Charred Plains. Tisiphone is level-headed and well spoken; she prides herself on patience and listening to any and all concerns from her herd members. She embraces the duality of her chosen Highlord by speaking softly but being a large force of mass to be reckoned with.

Nothing stops Tisiphone from completing a task when her mind is put to it. This mare has very little patience for Ballators who put their needs over the needs of others.

Tisiphone specifically collects Ballators that may feel they don’t belong anywhere. Through her beliefs in Tyndariai, Tisiphone feels that all life is precious while it lasts. She is indifferent to all followers of other Highlords and is welcoming to the Unpledged.


  • Stargaze or cloud watch with your Ballator
  • Preach the duality of Tyndariai to your Ballator
  • Welcome Unpledged Ballators into her territory
  • Ignore or insult followers of other Highlords


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Offer assistance to Followers of other Highlords
  • Give up her beliefs in Tyndariai


  • Antares and Betelgeuse are a constant annoyance for Tisiphone; she finds them too warlike and problematic.

Starcrossed Lover (Star)

Star is somewhat of a mystery; her presence was widely unnoticed until the Red Star began to descend from its place in the sky and she appeared, heavy in foal, to be of support to Regale and Aether.

While her presence seems somewhat new, the stories around her are old indeed. It is fabled that at one point, Star was a human-owned, ordinary mare, living at Fallen Star Ranch in Montana – the brand on her hip would certainly suggest such a past. It is rumored that Regale, the ancient Ballator, had fallen in love with the spotted mare and sacrificed a blessing that Aether had bestowed upon him in order that she and he may be together. Star will only smile and look away sheepishly if asked about this tale.

Star is sweet as honey; her voice is high and shrill like that of a baby mouse. Her positive, caring nature and gentle way with words is a calming presence to those she resides with and around. Regale is fiercely protective of and deeply driven by his care for her, and she adores him in turn, always willing to come by his side and be the soft voice of reason.


  • Help any Ballator that asks for aid
  • Comfort any Ballator, especially foals
  • Joke politely with your Ballator
  • Offer kind advice to your Ballator


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Allow access to Regale’s Glade
  • Act angrily or meanly towards Ballators of any faction


  • Regale is her mate
  • Aoife and Adham are her foals that currently reside in The Glade

Falling StarCarpophorus

Carpophorus is the unaligned leader of The Wayfarers. Unlike the other major herds that now call The Charred Plains their home, The Wayfarers do not have a patron Highlord and instead choose to value a Ballator based on their own worth instead of their religious beliefs. 

Carpophorus is strong and determined, but sometimes too quick to make brash decisions or dive into a situation unthinking. This stallion loves a good spar and challenge and may, sometimes, neglect his herd just a bit if he thinks there may be a good battle involved.

Hunting and sparring are the best ways to endear your Ballator to this stallion. Sometimes he may come across as all talk, but Carpophorus has the bite to back up the bark.


  • Hunt with your Ballator
  • Spar with your Ballator
  • Track and trap companions with your Ballator
  • Make fun of any pledged Ballator
  • Leave his herd for short periods of time to explore


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Turn away from a challenge or fight
  • Admit defeat


  • There are rumors that Ollie and Carpophorus were once an item


Ollie makes his home on The Charred Plains, where he is surrounded by dangerous plants and animals– which he absolutely adores! This Ballator is unique when it comes to his “hunting” practices, choosing instead to work with the usual prey animals.

The Desert Stallion can always be found surrounded by a small menagerie of loved and well cared for animals. Lots of trial and error has taught him how to best interact with the new creatures on his encounters, something he may be willing to train your Ballator in if you ask nicely.

Ollie may not always take kindly to seasoned hunters due to his more gentle nature. Successful interactions with Ollie may be easier if a Ballator has not yet ranked up their hunting to the highest level


  • Teach your Ballator about Companions
  • Discuss the behaviors and habits of the animals around him
  • Always stand up for the little guy
  • Wander off to find new animals to meet


  • Adopt your Ballator
  • Marry or date your Ballator
  • Kill an animal himself
  • Hunt with your Ballator in the typical fashion


  • There are rumors that Ollie and Carpophorus were once an item
  • Ollie has three companions that are always with him: Steve, Irwin, and Sheila.

Yvonne is a stately Plains Mare who is the current herd leader of Ares’ Hunters. Yvonne rose in the ranks among Ares’ favored devotees after proving herself during the events known as Red Star Rising. The mare is very firm in her beliefs about her chosen Highlord and will not waver on them, even when shown things contrary to the fact. A reflection of her young age, Yvonne is very matter of fact and often only sees issues in blacks and whites, with very little room for interpretation.

Unimpressed Puck

Even among Troubadours, Puck is something of an enigma. Unlike most Troubadours they do not boldly express the markings and views of their patron Highlord. In fact, no Ballator knows who Puck’s creator is, and receive only confusing riddles if they dare ask. What is known is that Puck was created after Hannibal’s banishment to the lower realms, and during the first era of peace. They were the ones who called together the first Gala, overwhelmed by curiosity for the mortal Ballators.

Ember of Orodrune Apophis has an affinity for fire. Through climbing Hannibal’s ranks, the stallion has learned (or been granted) how to summon and wield flames to his advantage. His better known battle tactic for leading his band of Hannibal’s Legion is to set the ghouls in his front line on fire and send them to attack. Apophis always smells slightly charred as a hangover from his magic, and if he does talk it is sometimes about how his bones feel like they’re on fire. The stallion often wears a Bone Crown with bits and pieces of defeated Ballators hanging off of it, which rattles when he walks.

So few Ballators are as distrusted as Dr. Terminus– from his business dealings to his dubious reasonings behind his “medical degree,” there is nothing about Dr. Terminus that isn’t suspicious. All that aside, the Forest Stallion is sometimes the only Ballator on the entire Charred Plains that has one or more of those ultra rare or unique items.

Dr. Terminus doesn’t have a care in the world about who a Ballator serves; all he cares about is Denarii and how to make more of it as quickly as possible.

Appearing from beneath the depths of the waterfalls in the star-touched oasis of Aether’s Hoofprint, Antares was the first of the twins to be awoken by the Red Star. He began a battle of legendary proportions, against ghouls, Ares’ Hunters, and Aether’s Warriors. Nothing is known of his intentions, his meaning, his purpose. He is as mysterious as the Red Star itself…


Appearing from beneath the earth after the start of the battle caused by Antares, Betelgeuse disappeared to wreak more havoc as quickly as she appeared. Nothing is known of her intentions, her meaning, her purpose. She is as mysterious as the Red Star itself…

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