Group NPCs

Within the world and Lore of Equus Ballator there are many, many unique and exciting characters for your own Ballator to interact with. From the powerful Highlords and Demigod Troubadours down to the owned by all Group Horses and the story driven NPCs, there are lost of different categories of Ballators to help build your own story when joining the group.

NPCs are Non Playable Characters who, unlike the Group Horses, are almost always sterile and have specific functions within the group or the lore. NPCs can be created from scratch or donated to the group by members. They are real Ballators with IDs who accumulate stats and may develop certain powers and traits as they do.

NPCs are scattered throughout the many locations within the Equus Ballator canon lore. Members and their Ballators may interact with them or ignore them; they are there to aid in character development and further the immersion of the world, but they are not often required interactions. Occasionally, there may be a Monthly Quest that requires your Ballator to interact with an NPC, but those quests are, in themselves, not required for group participation either.

Rules for Group NPCs

NPCs are free to use in the artwork and literature of any and all group members. Certain NPCs have specific functions or roles within group lore, so please read through their short bios below to learn more about them. Please also keep in mind the following rules when using group NPCs:

  • Treat the NPCs as you would any other player character. 
  • NPCs should be kept as “in-character” as possible. If you are uncertain how an NPC might act, please ask the group via The Forums or ask the admin team via Discord.

Donate a NPC to the Group

Would you like to donate an NPC to the group? We are always looking for new characters to expand our lore, but unlike Group Horses, there are a few more rules for NPCs due to their use and nature. Please follow the rules and guidelines below before clicking on the donation button:

  • Undesigned Genos or Designed Ballators with no past or present references or histories are preferred.
  • The Ballator must not have any used or to-be used slots. All slots must be clean. NPCs are most often sterilized and this will help avoid the confusion if someone is not notified of a Ballator’s donation to the team.
  • Donations are voted on by an admin panel and not all Ballators submitted for Donation may be accepted. If you would still like to donate a Ballator to the group and it is rejected as an NPC, you may request the possibility of donating it to the Group Horses.
  • Member planned names and personalities are WIPED upon accepted donation and the NPC will be remade to fit the goals of the group’s storyline.
  • At no point should a member use their Donated Ballator as a status symbol or bragging rights. These NPCs belong to the group as a whole and no longer to an individual member.

A Quick Guide of All Group NPCs

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