The Crafting Hub

Items that you find while hunting can be crafted into different items that can enhance your Ballators or your hunts!
Ingredients needed for crafting can be found in the item descriptions!

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Rules for Crafting

  • You must posses all ingredients before you can craft items.
  • Once you craft items, the items used to craft will be removed from you inventory and replaced with the newly crafted item.
  • Just like with other applications, all item applications must occur on this comment.
  • Crafted items may be transferred via this comment.
  • Crafting is a simple process, with no fail rate. Once you have all the essential items, you may craft! However, some items are only craft able for certain hunting levels.

Craftable Items for Rookie Ballators:

Craftable Items for Medial Ballators:

Craftable Items for Elitist Ballators:

Craftable Items for Venator Ballators: