Prey Lists

Prey Lists for Hunting


On this page, you can view all possible prey lists for each Type of Ballator. The Prey is organized by Type and Level.

Reading the List
Some animals, such as the Wildebeest for example, will appear on the list as such: “Wildebeest (Blue or Black)”. This means that you may choose wether your horse hunts a Blue Wildebeest or a Black Wildebeest, picking one of the two different types of the Wildebeest. Each animal/plant will have a link to an article about animal/plant in question, including photos,  so that you can have a basic idea of what the animal/plant looks like before/if you begin a Google search, since Google can be misleading! Please remember to specify exactly which animal you choose if you are choosing from various subspecies of the same animal. 

Higher Level Ballators may hunt all prey in and leading up to their levels; for example, a Medial Ballator can hunt all the prey listed in Medial and Rookie.

When drawing your prey, you can draw it in any color that the animal is naturally found in, as well as any age (unless otherwise specified).

♦ indicates a special prey or plant item that can only be hunted by the selected type and gives a special item drop!

Please Note that the links below lead off-site! To open multiple links, hold CTRL and click the link to open a new tab!


Table of Contents

African Ballator

The African Ballator hunts in Africa and Saudi Arabia exclusively. All below prey will fall under the African region.

Desert Ballator

Desert Ballator hunts in the Americas, Africa, and Australia. All below prey will fall under one of these three regions and will be indicated below.



Whitetail Deer
Mule Deer
Marsh Deer
Wild Yam
Feral Pig / Boar
Silver Fox

African Wild Dog
Common Quail
Hartebeest (Red, Lelwel, Swayne’s, Western, Neumann’s, Lichtenstein’s, or Coke’s)
Hyena (Striped, Spotted, Aardwolf, or Brown)
Sable Antelope
Warthog (Common or Desert)
Wildebeest (Blue or Black)
Zebra (Plains, Grant’s, Grevy’s, Maneless, Chapmans, Mountain)
Oryx (East African, Scimitar-Horned, Gemsbok, or Arabian)

Lilly Pilly
Paper Daisy


Lilliput Ballator

The Lilliput Ballator hunts in parts of Africa, Asia (India exclusively), and the Americas (South America and Mexico exclusively). All below prey will fall under one of these three regions and will be indicated below.

Plains Ballator

The Plains Ballator hunts in parts of the Americas (Canada and Alaska) andparts of Europe (Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia). All below prey will fall under the Tundra region and will be indicated below.