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Stat trackers that do not follow the requirements laid out here will be turned away from the review process and you will have to resubmit them when corrected.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns with the rules for Stat Trackers specifically, please click below and the admin team will review it.
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Stat Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stat Tracker?

A Stat Tracker is a record of stat points collected by your Ballator through artwork, literature, and events. Stat Trackers allow you to calculate out and confirm your Ballator into different Stat Ranks.
The Stat Ranks are laid out in The Stat System.

How does my Ballator gain stats?

Ballators gain stats through artwork, literature, special events, and (sometimes) they can inherit stats from their parents if bred. The breakdown of how to determine how many stats your Ballator earns is listed in The Stat System.

Do I have to count and confirm stats for my Ballator?

No! You do not! Members are not required to keep record of, count, or confirm stats for their Ballator if they do not want to.
Confirming stats is an additional game mechanic that allows your Ballator more opportunities to gain Highlord Gifts, unique prizes, and extra breeding slots. This is also a completely optional game mechanic and not every member confirms their Ballator’s stats.

Stat Tracker Requirements

In the past, we have only loosely policed requirements for Stat Trackers. With the migration from DeviantART to the Official Website in May 2020, the requirements have changed and, for the ease of confirmation, the following things are now required on all formats of Stat Trackers.

  • Only one Ballator is allowed to be placed on each tracker. Google Sheets must be one sheet per Ballator; please do not link to individual tabs on multi trackers.
  • Stat Trackers must include a stat rubric. Please see The Stat System for the rubric template.
  • Stat Trackers must include the total stats gained from each piece on each line item. (ie. “03 || Reference”)
  • Please include the total stats gained listed before the link to the stat proof. Spreadsheet trackers are exempt as long as the link and point total are in separate columns and labelled clearly.
  • Please do not put a “+” in front of any value to ensure ease of confirmation.
  • All images, literature, item applications, or other special stat giving events must be linked on your tracker. Please do not post thumbnails or provide unlinked text with no way to prove where the stats came from.
  • All sections within a stat tracker must be kept in chronological order. Tracker can have sections for art, literature, and items, but each section must be chronological. Each section must have the confirmed points marked within it. This means chronological by confirmation, moreso than dates; i.e, a piece of art that was already confirmed in a past rankup should not be mixed into a section of art that has not been confirmed yet.
  • Confirmed points with a link to that confirmation comment are required on all tracker formats. (ie. “Confirmed at 50 Stats – Proof”)
  • All confirmed points on a stat tracker need to be inserted into the tracker in chronological order by confirmation, so that it separates the art, items, or literature almost into sections. They should not just be listed in the footnotes. EXAMPLE TRACKER: 1230 AMARO.
  • The rankup comment thread, NOT the plaque comment, should be linked for confirmed points in the tracker. This will be enforced for all confirmations post July 1st, 2020.

Acceptable Types of Trackers

DeviantART Journals

Journals kept on DeviantART are still acceptable for Stat Trackers as long as they are not in Stash.

Appropriate Journal Example


Similar to the more decorated HTML trackers once kept in Stash Writer, Google Sites is the preferred method of the admin team for storing Stat Trackers. The admin team also allows personal Weebly sites.*

Appropriate Website Example

Google Sheets

A long loved member favorite, Google Sheets can make things easier by creating an “Auto Tracker.” While not infallible, it is convenient.

Appropriate Sheets Example

Google Docs

Also easy to customize and keep track of, Google Docs has become a more popular alternative to journals once kept in Stash.

Appropriate Docs Example

The Forums

Some members may choose to store their trackers entirely on The Group Forums. These threads will still need to be linked to the admin team.

Appropriate Forum Example

There are many other alternatives out there to the options listed about, but, at this time the Stat Team will only accept trackers made on the formats above that follow the official requirements. This is for the continued ease and speed of confirmations. Creating trackers off of these sites or failure to meet the requirements will result in your Stat Confirmation being dismissed. Once dismissed, you will have to make the correct changes and then resubmit your tracker for confirmation. Failure to make the corrections asked for at dismissal consistently may result in a temporary ban from the stat system in order to keep our system running smoothly and to keep the admins from spending time on the same repeated mistakes.


*No official group art (BDA plaques, companion/item images) should be posted on any tracker regardless of format; the only group artwork allowed to be placed on trackers or any other personal EB pages at this time are the Stat Sheilds and Hunting Badges.