Wild Ballators

A wild Ballator, depending on it’s type, can be a violent and dangerous creature to capture. The Equus Ballator Society regularly goes out into the 6 main known types’ native habitats in search of lone Ballators. These Ballators offer a challenge to any trainer, as well as serving a purpose and controlling the wild population. Below, a map has been collected of all the areas the EBS finds wild Ballators.

A Ballator that is wild will come with the following information that is not currently editable:

  • ID Number (And a link to the plaque)
  • Last Known Location
  • Type (And Subtype, if aplicable)
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Age
  • Phenotype
  • Genotype
  • Starting Stats
Type Dispersal Map

Wild Ballators also come with the following optional and addition information:

  • Nickname(s)
  • Personality
  • Unique Items/ Gifts Applied

Capturing a Wild Ballator

Anyone may try for a wild Ballator, no matter if you are an old member with many Ballators or a new member with none! However, specific Ballators will only be available for newbies at special times.
 Once the EBS tags a wild Ballator, it will appear in the Wild Ballators folder on the EquusBallatorSociety‘s account. Any Ballator open for capturing are housed there. Previously captured Ballators are housed in the “Previously Captured” folder. Ballators may be captured in one of two ways.  Wild Ballators may also be discovered via Hunting, which makes them available for all players.
Each entry after your initial entry garners you an extra roll; for example, your first entry gets one roll, your second gets two, and so on.

Pixel: Yellow Star Update 3/7/2017:Pixel: Yellow Star 
There is now a chance to find a random hunting item while attempting a capture! 

Artwork Capture Attempts

All art going towards the capturing of a Ballator must be:

  • Fullbody with a background with the Ballator in it’s natural habitat. Check the map above for each type’s habitat. A Plains/Tundra Ballator drawn in a Desert background will not be counted, for example.
  • Headshots, collabs, and chibis are not permitted.
  • Effort must be put into the piece. Sloppy drawings could be subject to refusal by the EBS. 
  • At least 50% of a handler, the Judas Horse item, or a Ballator equipped with the Iscariot must be depicted. 
  • Bait may only be used once per drawing. Bait may or may not be depicted. 

Literature Capture Attempts

All literature towards the capturing of a Ballator must be:

  •  At least 1000 words, with a relevant narrative of the capturing experience or leading up to it. Please use correct punctuation with a nice, flowing story!
  • Roleplay is not permitted. 
  • Effort must be put into the piece. 
  • A handler, the Judas Horse, or a Ballator equipped with the Iscariot must be depicted. 
  • Bait may only be used once per entry. Bait may or may not be depicted. Any items used in literary entries must be stated with the form below.

Items to Aid in Capturing a Wild Ballator

Once you have identified a Ballator you would like to try for, carefully read through the rules of the method you would like to attempt to try and capture it with. Next, draw or write your scene. When it is completed, fill out the following form and paste it in the description of your entry:

  • Link to Wild Ballator:
  • Ballator: (optional, if another Ballator is depicted with a handler.)
  • Items Used: (Iscariot, must link to the Iscariot EB’s plaque)
  • Previous Entries:
  • Word Count: (optional)
  • Stat Breakdown:
  • Hunting Tracker: (optional, required if you want any random drops including special monthly ones)
  • Forfeit Win: Yes/No *

* Please fill this out with “Yes” if you would like to participate, but do not want to capture the Wild Ballator. Any Equus Ballator staff participating automatically forfeit and cannot win a Wild Ballator.

Then, submit your entry to the Wild Ballator’s Import image via the featured comment as well as the Wild Ballator Attempts folder in the EquusBallator group. Once your entry is viewed by an admin, your odds are calculated and rolled according to the Ballator in question. You will be alerted via a comment on your entry’s submission form if you won the Ballator or not. Once a person has won the Ballator, it’s import image will be updated with a ‘CAPTURED’ before it’s ID number in the title. Any entries after the winning entry are void. 

Past & Present Wild Ballators

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is allowed! However, you cannot have another horse accompanied by your Iscariot horse, if you have one. 

No, the EBS will blacklist anyone who does this from ever attempting to capture a Ballator again. 

Yes, you just have to count them out. Your new ballator is bound to have quite a few.

Owl, as she is called, may be drawn or written into a story doing something like meeting your Ballator, leading it towards the capture site, building trust with the Ballator, or similar activities. 

Wild Ballators will stay wild for a month. At the end of that period, if still not captured, they will be raffled off. Every entry equals one ticket.

Congrats! Spend time with your new friend! If you have successfully captured a Wild Ballator you will not be eligible to enter for another for one month (30 days). 

You are free to submit as many as you like! However only one at a time; please wait until the results of your entry are rolled before posting another!

Double check that you have submitted the entry to the group for review and also replied with a link to your entry on the featured comment! Both steps must be completed before an entry will be rolled.

Yes! You simply will not receive any items generated from your Wild Attempt rolls! Simply put N/A in the hunting tracker section of the form.