About Ranking Up

  • You must keep track of links to all art and the stat count of the pieces for each horse in a stat tracker. Read about how to create a stat tracker and see examples here: Stat Tracker Guide & Requirements
  • Please confirm your stats via The Forum using the form HERE.
  • Please only post one horse per comment and limit your New Rank Up comments to 5 new posts a week.
  • Your rank is only approved when you are replied to with an “approved” response and the rank shield is applied to your import plaque. When the import is submitted, your current stat rubric will be posted too. Example Here!
  • Only these confirmed stats on import pages are passed on through breedings.
  • When stats are confirmed, you MUST mark where you achieved the rank on your tracker with the stat total. Example Here!
  • Your Ballator must have at least 50 total stat points in order to confirm stats
  • Your Ballator must be registered with the group (have an accepted adult reference) in order to confirm stats and claim prizes.
  • Do not add artwork to your stat tracker while it is under active review by an admin as this makes it very difficult to confirm stat totals.
    • This means if an admin has asked you to make corrections to your stat tracker, make those changes but do not add any other art that alters the totals!
  • If you are asked for a change and do not reply to an admin within a month of the requested change, your confirmation will be timed out and you will have to resubmit it.
    • Failure to make the asked for changes upon resubmitting will result in a 6 month ban from the stat system and a note from the admin team.

How Prizes Work

  • Please note that Highlord Gifts and items are not automatically equipped when they are claimed
    • Highlord Gifts need to go through the normal application process HERE
    • Items are added to your bank and you can equip them to your Ballator through the Denarii Hub HERE
  • You must use the bank to get the Denarii equivalent of the item in your rank, which you can do here: Exchange Items for Denarii
    • You don’t have to link a hunting tracker but you can link your stat confirmation comment as proof
  • You must state all of the prizes you wish to claim for a rank. We assume that any prizes not listed are not desired. As a courtesy, Stat Admins may ask for clarification but this is not required and it is your responsibility to claim all desired prizes.
    • For example, if you don’t claim the 100 Denarii for Novice this Denarii will not be added to your inventory and cannot be claimed at a later date. 

Ballators Who Ranked up in the Old System

  • Follow the same above process for any Ballatorss that ranked up in the old stat system (i.e. by sending in notes)
  • You get to keep all the old stat system rewards, but you will be given the rank associated with the new system
  • Breeding slots unlocked in the old system carry over into the new system.
    • For example, if you unlocked 2 breeding slots in the last system those count as the unlocked slots gained in the new ‘Advanced’ and ‘Expert’ ranks, since those are the first two tiers where extra slots are now earned.

Ballators Born with Inherited Stats

  • If your breeding note was sent in after May 1st, 2018 your Ballator must complete 2 Monthly Quest Challenges and/or 2 Foal Prompts in order to unlock their inherited stats
    • Challenges may be from any month and completing 2 different prompts from the same month counts as 2 challenges.
    • No past monthly challenges may be used. For example, a monthly quest from April 2018 would be invalid
    • Up to 3 Ballators may complete their quests in the same image/literature piece
  • Once the challenges have been completed, follow the Ranking Up process above and include links to the completed monthly quests
  • Monthly Quests can be found on the home page and, as the name implies, they change monthly.
  • Foal Prompts can be found HERE, linked at the top of this page, or under the Stat System submenu.
    • You are allowed to Mix ‘N Match Monthly Quests and Foal Prompts; you are able to do one from each if you desire.

Stat Rankings


Novice Rank

Achieved at 50 Stat Points

  • 1x Bait
  • 100 Denarii

Intermediate Rank

Achieved at 100 Stat Points

  • Your choice of: 5x Bait, or 1x Armor, or 2x Doe Decoy, or 1x Judas Horse
  • 100 Denarii

Advanced Rank

Achieved at 200 Stat Points

  • One Breeding Slot
  • Your choice of: 1x Hare, 1x Dog, or 1x Goat companion
  • 100 Denarii
  • Aether’s Gift: Hyalus OR Gemma OR Hannibal’s Gift: Coronam Superbia OR Tyndariai’s Gift: Inlustris

Expert Rank

Achieved at 400 Stat Points

  • One Breeding Slot
  • Your choice of: 1x geno re-roll, or 1x Iscariot, or 1x Fang Goads/Mouthguards
  • 200 Denarii
  • Aether’s Gift: Add or Remove 2 Hornsets OR Hannibal’s Gift: Fumo Decidens

Elite Rank

Achieved at 650 Stat Points

  • One Breeding Slot
  • Your choice of: 2x Standard raspberry extract, or 2x mutante calvaria, or 2x Intelligence/Strength Potion, or 1x cleansing elixir
  • 200 Denarii
  • Aether’s Gift: Spatium Braccus or Atherium Mutation OR Hannibal’s Gift: Internum

Olympian Rank

Achieved at 900 Stat Points

  • One Breeding Slot
  • One Mythical Companion (See choices HERE. Please specify which companion you would like.)
  • Your choice of: 1x Bloodlust/Battlecry, or 1x Skinchanger, or 2x Armor, or 1x Hunting Package, or 1x EBS/UPFA package
  • 200 Denarii
  • Aether’s Gift: Benedicto Varitate OR Hannibal’s Gift: Igne Comas

Royal Rank

Achieved at 1200 Stat Points

  • One Breeding Slot
  • Your choice of: 1x Premium raspberry extract, or 1x Fertilitea, or 1x Forbidden Love, or 1x Nebula Stone
  • Your choice of: 1x Cat or 1x Bat companion
  • 200 Denarii
  • Tyndariai’s Gift: Antiquis Iuba

Incarnate Rank

Achieved at 1500 Stat Points

  • One Breeding Slot
  • 1x Custom companion token
  • 200 Denarii
  • Highlord Gift: Cornelius in stellis via Hannibal

Legendary Rank

Achieved at 1800 Stat Points

  • Three Breeding Slots
  • Your choice of: 1x Custom Full Import with a non-dominant rare mutation
    or 1x  Custom Full Import with NO rare mutation *
  • Your choice of 1 shop item
  • 1000 Denarii
*Full import with a non dominate rare mutation includes any nZe, nWyrm, nPoe, white/black horns, albino, chimera, or mane mutation import. This is only achievable once per player. Subsequent horses will receive the 1 full custom import without any rare mutations. 
View the flat rate document for full custom info.
Please do not send in more than 3 (three) import requests a month (per member).
** Highlord Gifts must be claimed via The Highlord Meetingplace – link the plaque comment showing your confirmed rank.