Sometimes the Highlords find themselves a tad bored…

The result of this boredom or longing to create something new is a Troubadour. Troubadors are unnatural looking Ballators sometimes imbued with the powers of The Highlords.

Troubadours can be entered in competition and are treated like a normal Ballator in all game mechanics except breeding. Their Gods given life is a double edged sword and the payment for creation is sterility.

Each Troubadour has a patron High or Lowlord which they were created by. Usually, Troubadours are strictly loyal to the patron deity, but there are instanced where they may stray or offer now clear allegiance at all.

Troubadours appear in raffles, group imports, or as gifts. Troubadors cannot be deceased or die.

Jendeelinn's Adrestia

Each member may only have 1 troubadour. Troubadour’s base appearance may not change (this includes coat and horns, or the addition/removal of horns) but gifts such as Aetherian, Fumo Decidens, and Devil’s Eye, for example, may be added.

Traits of a Troubadour

  • Usually, at least 1 gift from their patron deity, but no more than 3 of these gifts.
  • A troubadour can only have gifts from one highlord, and can only be subject to one highlord at once.
  • Troubadours can be any sex, including sexless or hermaphrodites.
  • Troubadours will always be sterile and there is no possibility of them having offspring.
  • Troubadours can have altered body parts or be completely Ballator in form.
  • Must be designated to a Type, and have at least two of the the three main ballator traits: Horns, Sharp canines, and/or manes.

Notable Troubadours

These Troubadours can help or hinder your Ballator as they explore. They really seem to do their own thing most of the time. To learn more about them in depth, please read their bios on the NPC page.

Troubadour Trinkets & Gifts

Once a season, a different Highlord has a Holiday. Usually during this time, one of the Troubadours will set up a stall and hold a raffle for some unique Holiday themed gifts.

The raffle is always random and many of the items from it can only be found at Troubadour’s Trinkets. Sometimes, a Troubadour may discontinue an item or, perhaps, release new ones.

Trinkets in the Woods by Kalmanen