Mors Domini Tyndariai

Mors Domini Tyndariai

“Nothing escapes the cycle of Life and Death, not even the gods.”

(Tin – dar – ee – ai)

Speaking with the voices of many, The Deathlord, as they have come to be known, is an entity both together and separate. The Head of Life shows compassion and humility and is sympathetic to the souls of Ballators who have been lost and forgotten. The Head of Death is fueled by anger and betrayal and seeks vengeance for those same souls. They are two sides of the same coin and together, they are unstoppable.

Sealed away by Aether long ago as he wielded the power of several dying stars, Tyndariai has been dormant with only the memories of the corrupt gods that they brought down before they were banished. 

The ominous Red Star appeared in the sky as Tyndariai began to wake; an explosion of the star that had held them captive for millennia. Upon their freedom and return to power, the Head of Death cursed the heart of the star that Aether carries between his horns. The once pure white star-heart which held the last remnant of Aether’s home planet was disintegrated into the heart of the star that Aether used to seal Them away, an eternal reminder to Aether of his place in the hierarchy. The Head of Life did not allow the Head of Death to punish Aether further, knowing that Aether’s own guilt would punish himself enough.

Tyndariai are not one to trifle in the matters of Equus Ballators on earth;  they exist to keep balance, to place weights on the scales when one begins to drop. They are the most powerful and ominous of the Highlords, but they are exceedingly wise in how their power is used. You can soon read more about Tyndariai’s existance in the  Equus Ballator Lore.

Physical Descriptions

Tyndariai are the largest of the Highlords, in both height and build. They are heavy set, with large muscles and thick bone structure. They resemble a Boulonnais draft horse in build; they have a thick neck that is excessively wide at the top to hold the two heads, which are nearly conjoined at the cheek. This causes Tyn to be looking in two directions at once at all times. Their heads cannot move independently of one another; every movement is done together, including speaking, unless a Life or Death action is required taken, wherein the head governing either side of the coin will speak.

Tyn has two tails that are serpentine in appearance, and are always intertwined. The tails are never seen apart from each other, just as Tyn is never apart from themselves.
Tyn has many elements of past highlords scrawled into their design: Adyti’s horns filled with water grace the brow of the Head of Life; Freyja’s golden manes adorn their sides, the design of which is akin to the long body manes of Achlys; the horn of the Death Head is filled with the smoke of Umbras. These  bygone Highlords were consumed by Tyndariai before Aether sealed them away.

Both sides of the Deathlord are identical with three key differences;  The Death Head is crowned with an angular horn filled with smoke, while the Light Head is adorned with a smooth, curved horn filled with water. The scrawling Necrosis markings on the Death side are dark, while on the Light side, they are colorful. Lastly, the Death Head’s eyes have a dark top lid and a light bottom lid, while the Light Head has the opposite. 

Tyndariai's Gifts, Pledging, and Rejuvenation 

Tyndariai are a pair of neutral entities. They do not lean towards one side or the other. Because of this, they do not care one way or the other who pledged their loyalty to them or who does not; one does not need to officially pledge their loyalty to Tyndariai. Piety is not kept for them, as such small matters do not matter to them. They simply are there to observe and keep the balance of the three lower highlords and the world beneath.

Tyndariai will only give out their gifts (all of them except Sanitatem Divina) during their Holiday of Rejuvenation, which occurs every year on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Even if your Ballator is Pledged to Tyndariai, they hold fast to their resolutions to only give out gifts during this time.  Perhaps the Deathlords will create other ways to acquire their gifts, however…

However, if one wishes to pledge to Tyndariai, they will accept their pledge, however there is a cost – but also a prize. Those who pledge to Tyndariai  will become sterile, permanently, for death does not breed new life, and the death of their old life is death enough. Even if their pledge is removed, the effects of the sterility remain. Tyndariai can be pledged to at any time. Those who pledge to Tyndariai, however, have easier access to certain gifts.
Certain gifts and/or bonuses may become available to those who pledge to the highest of the highlords in the future.
To pledge to Tyndariai, you can go HERE.

During Rejuvenation, any Ballator may approach Tyndariai and ask either head for a gift, even if they are Wayfarers. Whether or not the gift is granted will depend on many factors, such as your Ballator’s story, personality, the Deathlord’s sense of justice, or perhaps Luck may come into play. During this holiday, any Ballator may approach except those that are pledged to other Highlords. There are other ways to receive gifts during Rejuvenation as well; see below for information.


   This gift means ‘Starlight’ in latin. The horns, and possibly hooves, begin to glow, either a eerie red in homage to the Red Star, or they may glow the color of the Ballator’s base horn color.

This gift is available through random gifting during Rejuvenation.
This gift can be obtained by upledged Ballators during Rejuvenation by presenting a high-value offering  to Tyndariai. It can also be obtained by pledging to Tyndariai and offering to them.
Required Design Elements: Opaque or Transparent glowing light around the horns. All horns are affected. When combined with Necrosis, any part of Necrosis that touches a horn base may turn the color of the glow. 

Antiquis Iuba
Bringing back the Elbow Manes of old, this gift allows your Ballator to express this once-dead gene. This mane can be affected by any mane mutation, but it does not pass to offspring.
Example on a Desert Mare.
Link to the PSD Files / PNG Files

This gift is available through random gifting during Rejuvenation.
This gift can be obtained by upledged Ballators during Rejuvenation by presenting a high-value offering  to Tyndariai. It can also be obtained by pledging to Tyndariai and offering to them.

 Required Design Elements: Elbow Manes follow the same rules as other extra manes. When received by Tyndariai, this gift may also remove the Shoulder mane if the user desires, leaving the elbow mane.


Sanitatem Divina
As guardian of life and death, Tyndariai is seen as a refuge for those who are suffering. Inbred, Crossbred, or  Ballators who have poor health caused by mutations (such as merle or carey) may find a haven under Tyndariai’s watchful gaze; those who pledge to Tyndariai will have all ailments healed, with the exception of sterility. They will appear and act as a Ballator with no ailments caused by poor breeding or mutations. If and when a ballator un-pledges, all their ailments will return.

This gift can only be obtained by pledging to Tyndariai. It is not given out in any other way. After pledging, one must make an Exclusive Offering to Tyndariai and request the gift.

Required Design Elements: This gift removes all defects, both physical and mental, from an inbred or crossbred horse. Their sterility will remain, or if they were not sterile, they will be made so upon Pledging. Removing your pledge from Tyndariai will re-instate the defects.


  Tyndariai’s own markings can appear on your Ballator in the form of Necrosis. View the mutation sheet Here.

This gift is available through random gifting during Rejuvenation.
This gift can be obtained by Pledging to Tyndariai and making an 
Exclusive Offering, or it can be obtained  by completing the Twin’s Quests, outlined in the next section. (Coming soon) Perhaps other ways will be revealed…

If the Ballator has Veneum, Hyracothere, or any other deceased mutation, Necrosis will invalidate it and remove it from the genotype.

 This gift cannot be added via Benedicto Varitate or the Highlord’s Wish.

Red and glowing growths, said to come from the exploded star that held Tyandari captive, start  to sprout around the base of your Ballator’s horns. The growths act as a direct link to The Deathlord, so that they may always have a view into your Ballator’s heart.

This gift is available through random gifting during Rejuvenation.
This gift can only be obtained by pledging to Tyndariai and is offered when one Pledges to them; It can also be obtained by completing events, or possible other means to be revealed…

Required Design Elements: Shard-like growths of red, cosmic material will appear at the base of the horns. They can glow slightly. They can cover the majority of the horn, but the tips must remain untouched.