Foal Prompts

Any foal born with inherited stats after May 1st, 2018 will need to do two foal prompts or two CURRENT Monthly Quests in order to unlock the stats they’ve inherited from their parents.

Inheriting stats is not mandatory but it does allow your Ballator a leg up in earning some very wonderful ranks and prizes! If a member chooses, they may forfeit inherited stats when confirming their Ballator’s Rank. Once Inherited Stats are forfeited, they may never be claimed again.

Fargo's Foal Prompt

General Guidelines & FAQs

  • It is NOT required to keep inherited stats.
    • However, if you plan to count them towards your stat total, at any point, you MUST do the prompts (either the Foal Prompts or the Monthly Quest Prompts) BEFORE confirming stats.
    • If you confirm stats and do not count the inherited stats, you cannot go back and add them in by doing the prompts later. Confirming your Ballator without inherited stats reverts those inherited stats to zero.
  • You can use the Foal Prompts below or the Monthly Prompts.
    • For Foal Prompts, please follow the rules below.
    • For Monthly Prompts, they can be from any month, but not from any past monthly quests earlier in the year. For example, a Monthly Quest Prompt from May 2017 would be invalid. Monthly Quest Prompts can be found on the front page of the EquusBallator group. The guidelines for each Quest are different so please make sure you read the prompts carefully.
  • You are allowed to Mix ‘N Match Foal and Monthly Quest Prompts.
    • You only need two completed prompts to claim inherited stats. You are allowed to do two of the Monthly Prompts, two of the Foal Prompts, or one of each!
  • Both types of Prompts should be submitted into the group.
    • Please submit artwork with the stat breakdown to the EquusBallator group so an admin can verify that the prompts have been completed correctly.
  • Prompts need to be accepted into the group before you post a confirmation comment.
    • This is to help the admins confirming ranks know that the prompts were completed correctly in their entirety and that the stat counts are correct.
  • Up to 3 foals may complete their prompts in the same image/literature.
    • Please double check the requirements for Monthly Quests! Sometimes the amount of participating Ballators is different than the three we allow for foal prompts.

Foal Prompt Guidelines & Rules

  • Each foal prompt must be done by the owner of the horse at the time of the stat confirmation.

  • Each piece must be a minimum of 8 Stats.
    • Artwork and literature of any type are welcome and allowed! You are welcome to add more stats to pieces, but the minimum of 8 stats must be met.
    • The minimum stat requirement must be met BEFORE any companion stat bonuses can be applied.
  • Your Ballator should be depicted as a young foal or yearling in these prompts.
    • This is a chance to build your Ballator’s story, to show us how they were as a young child.
  • Only one prompt may be depicted in each piece.
    • Prompts cannot be combined into one large entry; they can tie together for the sake of your Ballator’s story, but they need to be separate entries.
  • Each piece must be accepted into the group before you post your stat confirmation.
    • This is to help the admins confirming ranks know that the prompts were completed correctly in their entirety and that the stat counts are correct.
  • Please make sure you indicate which prompt you are writing/ drawing.
    • Ex. of an acceptable title for foal prompts: Foal Prompt | Here I Am, This is Me
    • Please list the prompt title and description in your artist’s notes.
OliveDoodle's Foal Prompts

The Official Equus Ballator Foal Prompts

  • 1.) Here I Am, This is Me
    • Congratulations! It’s  your birthday! You blink away your blurry vision and get your first eyeful of your Dam. How are you feeling about this big new world?
  • 2.) Take Me to Church
    • Stories are always fun, especially about those amazing High and Lowlords! Did your family teach you about the Gods of old and new? Or did you learn other tales that were less fanciful?
  • 3.) In the Dark of the Night
    • It’s been a few months since you came into this world and you’ve seen lots of nice and also lots of scary things. What was something that scared you as a little foal and what was something comforting that chased those scary thoughts away?
  • 4.) Cake by the Ocean
    • What’s this green stuff under your hooves? It sure smells funny! Have you tried eating anything other than from mom? What did you try and how did you react to the taste?
  • 5.) You’ve Got a Friend in Me
    • Parents sure are boring, praise Aether for those friends we made growing up! Did you have a best friend growing up? Another Ballator or maybe a companion or handler that you loved?
  • 6.) Dazed and Confused 
    • The world is full of things you don’t quite understand yet; a side effect of being so young. How did you feel when you first encountered something that confused you? (I.e. Being loaded into a trailer, seeing reflection in water, etc)
  • 7.) Huntin’, Fishin’ & Lovin’ Every Day
    • You’re getting a little older and those instincts are kicking in! All Ballators love to hunt. What was your first hunt like and who did you learn the finer points of hunting from?
  • 8.) Harder, Better, Faster, Stonger
    • Here you are! A year into life and you’re growing into a very strong young ballator! Have you learned any skills from your Parent(s)/ Trainer(s)/ Friend(s) that you’re proud of?
  • 9.) Crossroads
    • You’re almost old enough to make it on your own now. What do you want to do: stay with your family or strike it out on your own? If you’ve been raised in captivity, do you want to stay there? If you’re wild, do you want to go and investigate those strange two-leggers?
  • 10.) I Believe in a Thing Called Love
    • It doesn’t matter what everyone says, you’re practically an adult now! But what’s this? No Ballator has ever made your heart skip a beat before! Who was your first crush? Did it last or was it just a case of puppy love.