Character Profiles

Character Profiles Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Character Profile?

A character profile is how you are able to register your Ballator with the group. It’s how we are able to keep track of what you name them and who has permission to breed them.

Do I have to submit a Character Profile for my Ballator?

If you want to participate in the activities that the group provides, collect stats, give out slots, or be able to breed your ballator, they must be registered with the group which means they must have a Character Profile!

Do I still have to make colored art in order to register my ballator?

No! You do not! Character Profiles take place of references. Once a Ballator has a Character Profile on it’s BDA plaque it is considered registered.

If I submitted a reference to the DeviantART group for my Ballator and it was accepted, do I also have to submit a Character Profile?

No! You do not! References previously accepted into the group by the current owner is grandfathered into this system.
However, with this system it does help keep track of information like breedings slots ensuring that this information won’t be lost. It allows you to keep it in one place.

Character Profile Information and Requirements

In the past, we have required reference artwork to be accepted into the DeviantART group. With the migration from DeviantART to the Official Website in January 2021, the requirements have changed and, for the ease of confirmation, the following things are now required to register your ballator.

  • A Ballator must have an offically approved design (uploaded to the BallatorDesignAdmin account) in order to create a Character Profile and register them.
    • Older Ballators before the plaque system that had approved designs are okay.
  • Informtion on these profiles must be PG-13 and have no use of hate speech, slurs, derogatory terms, inappropriate use of medical conditions.
  • Name and Slots are all required information. Trackers and Additional Information are optional to include.
    • Slots cannot be removed without proof of permission from the current slot holder OR they are blacklisted. 
    • Other than slots, any character profile information may be changed at any time.
  • When adding slots:
    • Please link to the Username’s forum profile and list them by their forum username.
    • For the Mate and Offspring, please link to the BDA plaque and list them by ID # (ie. ID 001)
  • Slots earned through Stat Confirmations, Regale’s Quests, or other means, must be submitted for confirmation to add to your Ballator’s Character Profile.
  • Once a Ballator has a Character Profile, it is considered registered.
  • If a Ballator is transfered to another member and has a Character Profile listed on their BDA plaque, the new owner does not need to do anything to reregister them.
    • The new owner is welcome to edit the information on the Character Profile as they see fit besides removing slots without permission from the slot holder.
  • If you are choosing to fit your Ballator into the canon Ballator Lore or include NPCs in your Ballator’s additional information, please be sure to read up on the Lore and NPC biographies to be sure your Ballator fits into the given canon.
  • When choosing height, please make sure it is within breed standards.

Character Profile Information

The Following is the information that the admins will require to be filled in order to officially register your Ballator. If you would like more information on each of the fields you must fill out, please refer to the box at the bottom of this section that gives a breakdown.

Link to Plaque:
1. Username | Mate | Offspring
2. Username | Mate | Offspring
3. Username | Mate | Offspring
4. Username | Mate | Offspring
5. Username | Mate | Offspring
6. Username | Mate | Offspring
7. Username | Mate | Offspring
8. Username | Mate | Offspring
9. Username | Mate | Offspring
10. Username | Mate | Offspring

Additional Slots
11. PROOF |Username | Mate | Offspring

Additional Info:

Updating Character Profile Information

Adding Earned Slots

In order to use the slots that your Ballator has earned, you must add them to their character profile and give proof of earning them.

Click the button to add earned slots.

Updating Slots

You can also update your slots. In the button given, you can add users to slots, remove users from slots, add mates to slots and removes mates from slots. If removing users or mates, proof from the slot holder must be given demonstrating that they are okay with you removing them and/or the mate.

Blacklisted members are an exception and may be removed at any time as long as a slot is unused.

Updating Information

Here you can update the name, trackers, and additional information section of a Character Profile. The requirements and guidelines still apply. 

You can not update slots here.