The Enchanted Forest

Unimpressed Puck

A strange looking Ballator greets you at the edge of an even stranger looking forest– they seem delighted to have you here! In fact, over the cacophony of new animal noises coming from the dense forest shadows, they proudly exclaim:

“Welcome! Welcome! I do so love when strangers find me! Would you like to run with me through the forest? I can almost promise you won’t get lost!”

Uncertain, you glance around, but the Ballator in front of you is so excited, it’s really rather infections! ‘What the Lowrealms,’ you decide to yourself, and with an enthusiastic nod, you follow them into the forest.

About the Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest by Buzzbees

The Enchanted Forest is a wild and wonderous place. Troubadour Puck calls it their home and it holds the same delightfully chaotic energy as they do. The trees are thick and everywhere is a new sight, sound, and smell that can be overwhelimg to many Ballators who suddenly find themselves wandering in this strange place.

The Forest never stays in the same place for long unless it is forced to, but it’s safe to assume the forst doesn’t like that very much. Puck rarely keeps their favorite place stuck to one plane of existence for long, but from time to time Highlordess Ares may have a wild idea to launch a Gala for her amuesement.

Both savage and soothing, The Forest is almost indescribable in its beauty and is teeming with life.

The Gala

Traditionally Galas were a time of contest and sport, for Ballators from all over the world to showcase their talents and skills. The Enchanted Forest still beckons hunters inside to try and catch the legendary creatures it hides from time to time.

Highlordess Ares and Troubadour Puck are the most likey to call forth an official Gala. Each Gala is a little different, but it’s core is always the same: who will be the King of the Hunt?

Whoever calls for The Gala will ensure that The Enchanted Forest stays in one place for the duration of the challenge and will state what it is that the competitors must hunt.

Rules for Hunting in The Enchanted Forest

  • The region for all entries is the Enchanted Forest setting which you can view below. All types can hunt in this region.
  • You can only hunt for one type of mythical creature at a time and it needs to be depicted in image and literature entries. ‘Evidence’ is not acceptable for these hunts.
  • Unless the hunt is an Official Gala with a Prize Beast being hunted, it must be submitted to the Hunting Folder in the Equus Ballator DeviantART group.
  • Commissioned hunts will not be accepted for Gala entries. Collaborations are allowed, but only one user can put them towards the hunting challenge.
  • Chibis will not be accepted for Gala Hunts, but are acceptable for any general hunts within The Enchanted Forest.

Huntable Items in the Enchanted Forest

The below flora and fauna are considered regular hunts within The Enchanted Forest and are separate from the final Titan Hunt. Information about the Titan Hunt will be posted at a later date…

Jackalope Companion
The Jackalope

This elusive hare is a master of camouflage within the Enchanted Forest. It relies on a sharp mind and knowledge of the forest’s secrets to hide from hunters. Both males and females sport antlers and often decorate them with vines, flowers, and leaves. They come in a variety of colors, but are often no bigger than a common jackrabbit.

The Griffin

This odd fusion of bird and lion commonly roosts in the highest trees and on the mountains surrounding the forest’s edge. Mothers are fiercely protective of their nests and enter the forest to feed, attacking anything smaller than them to provide for their young. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but are all roughly lion sized. Their feathers glow in the dark.

The River Dragon

This terrifying behemoth can be found lurking in large rivers and lakes spanning the enchanted forest. Adults of this species reach over 40 feet in length and prey on anything that enters their watery domain. They vary in color and size, but all emit a faint glow much like the other plants and animals in this forest.

The Radiant Serpopard
The Radiant Serpopard

This mix of leopard and serpent is a solitary creature preferring to stick to the trees of the forest. When threatened, they will leap from above and attack. Be wary of their fangs as they are filled with venom that has a range of effects. They come in a wide range of vibrant colors, while their size ranges from that of a leopard to an ocelot. Their spots are bioluminescent making them easy to spot at night. 

Busymouth Bushpig
The Busymouth Bushpig

The Busymouth Bushpig is a large species of boar with four toes. They are covered in dense, soft fur and are typically brown-grey in color, with foliage that grows from within their fur. The bright array of leaves sprouting from their necks can be raised into a frill, making the pig seem larger. These are used in mating displays and turf wars, during which their bloodcurdling screams can echo through the forest for miles. Piglets sleep and hide in their mothers’ soft underbelly, hidden by the long fur. They often decorate their tusks with bioluminescent moss. 

The Bright Bottom Toadstool

You can see these mushrooms glowing from a mile away. They look enticing, but be careful, that glow can’t be GMO-free. These Toadstools are larger than average and it’s rumored that the deeper you get into The Enchanted Forest, the larger they become. 

The Looking Lilies

These odd flowers seem to dance in their own little breeze, bopping side to side as they stare you down with unblinking gazes. They stare at you as you realize that this plant has eyeballs, they stare at you as you come closer to investigate, they stare at you as you dig them up to devour. This plant’s leaves, stem, petals, and roots are so extremely bitter that it’s practically inedible. The only part of this doe-eyed plant worth putting in your stomach is the thick seed that looks like a judgemental mouth at the center of its petals. Crack the seed open to reveal the rich pink center, a soft pudding like substance that tastes sweeter than honey fresh from the comb.

The Enchanted Goldweaver

These eye-catching spiders are frighteningly large, but are mostly harmless. Golden Orbweavers are slightly larger than a tarantula, and spin golden webs in the trees and bushes of the Enchanted Forest. The spiders use their webs to capture prey, such as smaller insects, but a very large web could even capture a young Lilliput. The spiders are not usually strong enough to wrap up and consume a small Lilliput, and instead must wait until a larger Ballator frees the unfortunate Lilliput before it can fix its web. Because of the strength and glistening color of the webs, Goldweaver silk is a highly sought-after crafting item.

Glowing Feathers