Big Game Hunts

Big Game Hunts


The next exciting installment to the Hunting system is big game! There are 8 big game animals that become huntable once your horse reaches the Venator level of Hunting. Once your Ballator has hunted one of the Big Game animals (which must originate from a country/region your Ballator can hunt in), you will receive a Season Pass, which allows your Venator Ballator (cannot be applied to any other horse) to hunt in any region! Big Game animals roll the same way as normal animals, but you get a chance of success by rolling the Big Game Item and succeeding in the hunt.

Big Game animals can be hunted and their subsequent items can be used to craft Hunter’s Tack or Hunter’s Armor. This special tack/armor can only be applied to the horse who hunted the animals and gives bonuses of various amounts and types when drawn on the horse based on what animals you used in the design of your tack or armor. We will cover Tack and Armor later on!

Starting the Big Game Hunts

Once your horse has been confirmed a Venator in the current hunting system (Ballators who are Venator in the old system are grandfathered in; any other Ballators who are not yet Venators must complete Venator requirements for the new system) they may begin their journey around the globe to complete the Big Game Hunts! There are eight Big Game animals, listed below:

** Make sure you reference the Type Dispersal Map when referencing what Big Game your Ballator can hunt!

Table of Contents

  • The first step to starting your Big Game hunt adventure is to analyze the above list  and see which Big Game animal(s) naturally occur in the area your Ballator can hunt naively, meaning, even if your African Ballator has a Heavy Blanket region item that allows them to hunt in the Tundra region, you will still need to hunt an applicable animal, in this case, Old Ironside. However, the only special case are the American animals: Yukon, Vicente, Gato Diablo, and Big Pine. For example, a Desert Ballator may only hunt Gato Diablo as Deserts only appear in Middle America, instead of hunting Yukon in the Canadian area of North America. Below is a list of the Native animals for each Ballator Type for your convenience! For a detailed map of all Ballator native locations, click here!

– Yukon
– Fenrir

– Old Ironside

– White Lady

– Old Ironside
– Big Jack
Gato Diablo

– Fenrir

– Vicente
– Old Ironside
– Gato Diablo

– Fenrir
– Big Pine
– Gato Diablo
– Vicente
– Big Jack

– Yukon
– Fenrir

– White Lady



  • Once you have identified your first Big Game animal, you can set to work drawing your Venator Ballator hunting that animal. Big Game hunts are slightly different than normal hunts, and the requirements are as follows:

Big Game Hunt Requirements:


General Information

  • Only your Venator Ballator who is completing the Big Game hunts may be pictured.
  • Your Ballator may bring back a total of 3 items, each rolled separately. The chance of successfully hunting the Big Game animal is lower than successfully hunting ‘normal’ prey.
  • A handler may not be depicted.
  •  Hunting items do not apply to Big Game hunts and cannot be used. Companions can still be used but do not up your chance at finding the Big Game animal.
  • Images or Literature entries for hunts may not be commissioned; all Big Game hunts must be completed by the owner of the Ballator.
  • All hunts must contain the following form for your Venator:
    Ballator Pictured:
    Companions (if applicable):
    Big Game Being hunted:
    Attempt #for this Animal:
    Link to Hunting Tracker:
    Number of Words (if applicable):
    Stat Count:

Artwork Guidelines

  • All artwork must be original and drawn by the Ballator’s owner; re-using or commissioning artwork is not permitted.
  • At least 80% of the Ballator depicted must be shown.
  • The hunting entry must be centered around actively hunting, OR visualizing their success . This means images must depict, for example, a horse tracking prey or a horse fighting with the Big Game animal.
  • The animal you are hunting must be depicted. At least 80% of the physical animal must be shown. Images may not be composed of only tracks, shadows, hair, etc, of chosen prey animal.  All big game animals must appear as they are canonically; you can find a guide for each animal’s color and features above (click to enlarge)  This means that, for example, Fenrir cannot be a female brown wolf. He must remain a black male wolf.
  • Backgrounds must be detailed to an extent; no solid/gradiented/transparent backgrounds will be accepted.
  • Greyscale images must be shaded, including the background elements.

Literature Guidelines 

  • All literature must be original and written by the Ballator’s owner; re-using or commissioning literature is not permitted.
  • Stories must be coherent and relevant to the experience, and must be at least 1000 words.
  • The animal you are hunting must be depicted appropriately, with at least 4 paragraphs of the animal being present and active. All big game animals must be described as they are canonically; you can find a guide for each animal’s color and features to the left (click to enlarge). This means that, for example, Fenrir cannot be a female brown wolf. He must remain a black male wolf.
  • The hunting entry must be centered around actively hunting, OR visualizing their success . This means literature must depict, for example, a horse tracking prey or a horse fighting with the Big Game animal.

Hunter's Tack and Armor


Hunter’s Tack , Hunter’s Armor, and Hunter’s are special items that you can craft for one Venator Ballator after completion of the Big Game Hunts.

These items are crafted using the various Big Game animals. Each animal has 3-4 items you can use to craft the tack/armor, and each animal gives a 0.5 stat bonus for including them in your tack.

 Guidelines for Use:
  • Hunter’s Tack/Armor may only be applied to one Venator Ballator who has completed the Big Game Hunts. 
  • Hunter’s Tack/Armor cannot be removed from the horse’s inventory, but of course you can draw them without the tack. 
  • A horse will only receive the stat bonus for the tack itself, not the +2 standard stat bonus for drawing other tacks. A horse will also only receive the bonus if the tack is drawn.
  • Each Big Game Animal gives you a 0.5 stat bonus; you may use multiple parts of the same animal, but you will only get 0.5 for using the animal, not 0.5 per part.
  • Hunter’s Tack gives an additional +1 Experience in addition to the animal stat bonuses.
  • Hunter’s Armor gives +1 Attack Strength in addition to the animal stat bonuses.

Hunter’s Tack Guidelines 

Hunter’s Tack must include at least two of the following:

  • A bridle or hornguide for a headpiece
  • Saddle, bareback pad, or similar for a piece of tack for the back
  • Leg boots, protection, or similar
For tack, you may craft up to three tack items for your Ballator; the tack out of leather or faux leather, or non-Big Game animal items (such as the saddle above), but the Big Game animals must still meet requirements (explained below)

Hunter’s Armor Guidelines 

Hunter’s Armor must include at least two of the following:

  • A bridle, chanfron, hornguide, or combination for a headpiece
  • Chest or Neck protection
  • Leg boots, protection, or similar
 For armor, you may craft up to three small to medium-sized metal protective pieces for your Ballator; they may only cover up to one part of the body at a time (shoulder, rump, neck, etc). You may use leather  or non-Big Game animal items (such as the leather chest piece above), but the Big Game animals must still meet requirements (explained below). Metal must be included.

Requirements for both Tack and Armor

  • Both Tack and Armor must include a minimum of 2 animals from the Big Game hunt, and a maximum of all 8.
  •  Animal Items used must look like the animal in question; example, Fenrir’s coat must remain the shade of grey seen on the Big Game map/item, you cannot change it to a white wolf pelt. You can see an example of each animal’s full design in the General Information about Big Game hunts a few sections back.
  •  You can add non-big game animal items such as saddles, leather, bridles, blankets, etc, but these will not add an additional stat bonus, and you are only allowed a maximum of three of these items per set.
  • for Armor, you may add up to 3 small metal pieces or segmented pieces that can cover the neck, rump, legs, or face. These do not count as a typical armor shop item.
  • You can only use the animal-specific items listed on each animal’s Big Game item.
  • Your Tack design is final, so be sure not to create something too complicated!

 Ready to Create your Design?

1. Once you complete the Big Game hunts, it’s time to craft! For this, you will need to open your horse’s design on the official EquusBallator Lineart.
Remove the standard background and headshot, leaving only the fullbody image of your Ballator’s design.
You can also remove shoulder manes if desired for the purpose of creating the tack. 
You are allowed to use any of the possible items listed in the description of each Big Game Animal’s item drop to create your armor/tack pieces.

2. Replace the background with this template:

Custom Tack Template by EquusBallatorSociety

Now, your Template should look something like this:
Example by EquusBallatorSociety

 Then, you can begin designing your Tack/Armor, but keep the regulations in mind!

3. Once you are done crafting, upload your design into Use the following form:

Horse’s Plaque:
Proof of Big Game completion: 
(link to admin approval)
Type: (Armor or Tack)
Animal Items Used + Stat Gains:
Total Stats:

Go to the Crafting Hub
and comment on the crafting thread. Include your Venator Ballator, proof of completing the Big Game hunts, and the file of your new tack/armor item. You must specify whether it is Tack or Armor.

An admin will comment back to you and approve or ask for changes. Then, the armor/tack will be uploaded into BallatorDesignAdmin’s and linked on your horse’s plaque under ‘ITEMS’ with a total stat count received from the tack when it is drawn. Example:
Example by EquusBallatorSociety

Once this is posted, congratulations! You are able to draw your Ballator in their victory garb!


Need Inspiration?

Here are some ideas of what you can make with the various parts of a creature:

Bones: helmets, bracers, necklaces, tack decor
Pelts: Strips of hide used for girths, breastplates, etc; saddle blankets, capes, head coverings, strips of hide braided together
Claws: Align them to protect a vulnerable area
Horns/Antlers: Headgears, saddle horns, shoulder protectors

FAQ about Hunter’s Tack/Armor

How many pieces of tack must I include/What is the minimum/maximum amount of tack/armor?

Minimum amount of tack or armor is listed above under the large images of both Tack and Armor examples.

Maximum Amount would be all of the listed items/pieces.

A Headpiece can be a bridle, halter, or protective shield of some sort for Armor. It cannot be something overly simple, such as a plain leather strap around the head. 
A saddle or back protection: Saddles can be of any design or discipline. Back protection can be pelts sewn together, a blanket, a saddle pad, a blanket with saddle bags, etc. It must cover at least half of the back. Covering the rump is considered back protection.

Can I make my tack both as Hunter’s Tack and Hunter’s Armor?

No. You must choose between the two!

Can I transfer my hunter’s tack/armor to another member?

No. Hunter’s Tack/Armor will stay with the member and corresponding horse who earned it.

Can I apply my tack/armor to a horse who did not acquire the armor/track?

No. Hunter’s Tack/Armor will stay with the horse who earned it. It gets applied to your horse’s plaque.

Can I add in pelts/elements from other animals to my hunter’s tack/armor?

You may, as long as the items you are adding are normal-colored animal pelts (no melanistic/piebald/special morphs) and do not look like any of the big game animal pelts/elements.

If I sell my horse, can I keep the tack?

No. Hunter’s Tack/Armor will stay with the horse who earned it.