ID 8901

June 2020 Wild Ballator

This is a Wild Ballator. To find out more about Wild Ballators and this activity, please see the link below:

Wild Ballators

ID 8901 | Ultima

An intense heatwave sweeps through the land as Highlordess Ares takes center stage for her Holiday. Summoning her favorite woodland haunt around her, The Enchanted Forest appears and with it, a peculiar little mare who is as fiery as her creator. Armed with every gift she can get from The Highlordess, Ultima takes to The Forest with a shout, off to hunt the beasts within– Ares, delighted by her enthusiasm, calls for Ballators to give chase as well– can your Ballator catch up to the ultimate Hunter of Ares?

Wild Ballator Information:
  • ID: 8901
  • Last Known Location: The Enchanted Forest
  • Type: 50 % African x 50% Lilliput
  • Sex: Mare
  • Height: 12 HH
  • Age: Unknown
  • Phenotype: Pangare buckskin with Ombr√©
  • Genotype: Ee Aa nCr OmOm
Additional Information:
  • Nicknames: Ultima (Name may be changed without Nameplate upon capture)
  • Personality: Ultima is fierce and confident, proud of her devotion to Highlordess Ares. She is sly and quick, and despite her bright coat, she can disappear into the underbrush without the slightest trace. She aims to please those who deserve it, and is a very respectable hunter.
  • Highlord Gift(s) Applied: Felix Mutation, Devil’s Eye, Red Shimmer (Ares’ Gifts)
  • Companion(s) Applied: Ares’ Guardian
  • Item(s) Applied: Solar Crown (Offers +1 Attack Strength and +1 Stamina per Full-body image of the horse it’s equipped to, drawn with the crown), a Totem of Ares, & Sketch Fragment (allows any ballator other than Mountain or Forest Ballators to hunt in the European regions).
  • Starting Stats: These are the base stats for this Wild. Any artwork or literature done will be in addition to these starting stats.
    • Gaits: 20
    • Dressage: 0
    • Jumping: 20
    • Intelligence: 18
    • Stamina: 10
    • Speed: 40
    • Strength: 12
    • Attack Strength: 0
    • Experience: 5
    • Starting Stat Total: 125
  • Ballator Designer:¬†renaakaii