October 2020 Ballator of the Month

Congratulations to: Lagertha!

The October 2020 Equus Ballator of the Month!

A huntress of magnificent prowess!

This spooky month, Lagertha is proud to represent herself as our Ballator of the Month! An avid huntress and beefcake, Lagertha is easily recognized throughout the group through the many hunting expeditions and works of art that depict her. 


It is easy to see why Lagertha’s owner, our very own Kalmanen, adores this lovely mare so much! As a Plains Ballator, Lagertha’s large size (she clocks in at over 18hh!) and hefty muscle tone set her firmly as a powerful creature, contrasted by her soft and earthy-toned design. 

This month’s theme is heavy-handed on the subject of High and Lowlords, and Lagertha herself is pledged to Highlordess Ares;  Lagertha is a well-loved member of our community, and we look forward to seeing her in her adventures, especially in this month of fire and shadow! Congratulations!


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