Ballator of the Month

About the EBotM

Each month this journal will be uptated with a new featured comment where you can nominate your friend’s and fellow community member’s Ballators for a chance at the spotlight! While some special nomination events may occur, the following rules will remain the same for each month unless otherwise specified.

Renaakaii's Just Guys Bein' Dudes

Rules for Nominating

  • To nominate an Equus Ballator, please follow the guidelines laid out on the forum thread linked below. The link will take you to a thread with the correct date for you to post nominations to.
  • Please only nominate one Ballator per month.
  • No Ballator may be EB of the Month more than once per year/once within a year’s time (example, an EBOTM chosen March 2018 cannot be re-nominated until March 2019).
  • No user may have more than two horses win Ballator of the Month per year.
  • Please DO NOT nominate your own Ballator for EBotM.
  • Please DO NOT nominate Ballators that do not have group-accepted references, deceased Ballators, or Ballators who are being transferred.

Voting from our Nominees

At the end of each nomination period (typically between 3-7 days depending on how busy the group is), the horses who were nominated 3 or more times get sent to the polls!

At the end of the month, voting is closed and the winner is announced the next day, and along with receiving 50 Denarii and a shiny badge to display on their page, they will also be shown on the group’s front page.

Just because your Ballator was nominated it does not mean that they are guaranteed to win the voting round. We understand the disappointment, but please do not worry– there are lots of months in the year and lots of opportunities to win!

All Past Ballators of the Month


Sept 2017
583 | Avicula


5045 | Orion's Belt
5389 | Silent Night
June 2018
5087 | Prince of the Desert
3144 | Viridi Caeles
319 | Sanguineam Maria (Tied)
4800 | Rainbow Spite (Tied)
5569 | Skinny Latte
6483 | Tiamat
4671 | Grub
4785 | Ignus Lillium


6162 | Noirceur
6873 | Ophiophagus
GH 5000 | Puck
3231 | Orizuru
GH 5930 | Tequila Sunrise
5030 | Barba
3405 | Starscream
4530 | Black Saturday Fires
Lowlord Hannibal
7898 | Beelzebub
Highlord Aether


6421 | Gromadnyi
8456 | Icarus
8463 | Yule
1595 | Raziel
1855 | Naƫl
8421 | Khepri
6377 | Amenhotep
7696 | Yummy Smexy
5336 | Clara Luct Ebur
2639 | Lagertha
November EBotM
3291 | Sanguis Prophetarum
6863 | Aperi Oculos Tuos


560 | Starcrossed
Ballator of the Year
The whole group!
Duality Crown