June 2020 Ballator of the Month

Congratulations to: Khepri!

The June 2020 Equus Ballator of the Month!

What a close vote this month! Both Khepri and Borealis are well loved and it was shown by the great number of nominations and votes for the two boys!

Recently gifted with Barbary Mane Mutation, Khepri is a Steppe Stallion that is much beloved by members! One of the first Steppes rolled out last December, Khepri has already worked himself into the community as an easily recognizable figure.

Steppe Ballators are a relatively new type of Equus Ballator and Khepri was one of the first of them rolled out at the end of 2019. 

His owner, HelloWishbone is an admin in training (admini) who works on the Reference Team. Wish is an extraordinarily kind person who is eager to help her fellow teammates and members alike with any issues they may have.

Please join us in congratulating not only Khepri on this victory, but Wish as well! 

He of the Sun and Stars by Skronkodil
He of the Sun and Stars by Skronkodil

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