January 2022 EB of the Month

Each month of 2022, Zora the Storyweaver will share a small snippet of her journal and mention basic information about one of the Equus Ballator group NPCs. This information is anecdotal in nature, but snippets of information may be buried within her words.

Rejuvenation's End, 2 TCP

“… I first encountered him while roaming close to The Mount of the Three. I think that may be where most of us start our journey. I think once this place he calls home was known as the Hunter’s Valley, but I could be mistaken. It is hard to know what used to be when the world is nothing but fire and ash…”

Carpophorous, the Master Hunter

“He doesn’t seem very nice when you first make his acquaintance. A lack of civilized interaction or a personality flaw, I wasn’t sure at first, though I grew to like him in time. Carpophorous is a monster of a stallion in size and manners, but the moments that make him interesting to me are the ones where his countenance and spirit seem so small in a world that is closing in on his freedom…”

Brief information, should a fellow traveler meet this Ballator while on The Charred Plains:

  • Name(s): Carpophorous, I like to call him Poppy though he seems not a fan
  • Age: Adult in age if not mentality
  • Herd: The Wayfarers; if they have a leader I suppose he is it
  • Class: He must be a hunter for that is all he ever mentions in ‘polite’ conversation, though I imagine he might have a bit of a warrior’s tactical brain hidden in the depths of him
  • God: He is quite adamant about trusting none of the Gods ‘alive,’ whatever that sentiment may mean
Poppy Sketch

An aside, as I found it quite a thought provoking encounter, Poppy has mentioned that there is a stallion who roams as freely as he does who he is a bit partial to. I haven’t yet met this stallion, though I find myself embroiled in their assumed lover’s quarrel.

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