January 2021 Ballator of the Month

560 | Starcrossed

The January 2021 Equus Ballator of the Month!

During our Hiatus we will be showcasing some of the new group NPCs via Ballator of the Month.

Starcrossed, or just Star as she is more commonly known, is a Light Mountain Mare– but she wasn’t always this way! Star was once a regular horse. If you look at her now, you can see a homage to her once normal life in her heterochromia– one eye is the same as her new horns and one eye is brown like it was when she was a simple horse.

Star is a kind, caring, and compassionate mare. No one is quite sure how long she has been hiding in Regale’s Glade, but now that she has gotten over her shy ways, it doesn’t seem to matter!

Star is the mate to Regale, the first Ballator. Together they have twin foals: Adham and Aoife. Sometimes she calls her foals her little raviolis, since she likes that silly word– but doesn’t know what it means.

Artwork by Weewight

Star’s patron Highlord is Aether; no matter what faction another Ballator may be in, Star will always approach them with kindness. Though it may be seen as a weakness by many, Star uses her polite ways to gather information and can be a formidable foe if her foals or home are threatened.

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