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April 2022 Newsletter

Important Announcement

We bring to you some disheartening news. The unplanned hiatus month of March allowed your Equus Ballator admin team to take a step back and review all of the work we had to do for the group. Some key admins needed to step down leaving us with a giant hole where they had filled. 

We as a team took a vote: should we continue as we are or go on an indenfinite hiatus. If we continued as we are, things would be messy and inconsistent with fixes. The problems with finding things or clarity would not be fixed right away and could take years while we still ran other systems. Or we could shut everything down, take time to get energy back from running systems, migrating a website, and fixing systems that were far beyond broken. By shutting everything down it could ensure that we as a team, as a group could give a full experience that would be worthwhile and less frustrating/confusing. However, that would mean that we wouldn’t be giving any more activities for others to participate and the population of EBs would be stagnate indefinitely.

The largest factor in all of this was Fargonon. As many who are familiar with the group know, Fargonon took a major step back from the group last year. This was a needed step back from the group, but it has unfortunately put us in a tricky situation where we are unable to handle finances of the group and bring on anyone who could aid in developing the website further. 

It was a hard decision, but ultimately we decided to put Equus Ballator on an indefinite Hiatus

We feel that it is important to have the owner of the breed here to help see and fund it. While that is not happening, we can not complete any promises made. We also feel that this hiatus will allow us to focus more energy on creating a better experience. 

Fargo's Letter

Fargo was able to find time to write a letter specifically to the members of this breed. Please read it HERE

What does this mean for you?

The indefinite hiatus will not take effect until May 1st 2022 at 12:00 am EST. This means that you will have this full month to finish up any art submissions, transfer, design updates, ect. that you need to do. Also to just take some time to process. Including what has already been open, we have decided to open up the following for this month as a sendoff.

  • *Submit one skinchanger/hornchanger design to the Design Hub (under Design Updates)
  • *Submit one breeding design to the Design Hub (create new thread)
  • *Submit one import request (stat/cape/RQ) to the Import Claims forum.
    • List of Import Designers
    • Rare mutations may be ordered (Necrosis/Poecilia/Wyrm/Zebroid)
    • Pure white/black horns may be ordered
    • Trait limit for each type is 18 for full trait and half trait is 9. 
  • Particpate in Fade’s Sendoff (until April 15th 11:59 pm EST)

You will be given 2 months to reply and fix any corrections given for the designs. We know it isn’t much, but we figured at least you can have new characters to play with.
*You mat exchange any of these for the other. ( Ex. exchange 1 breeding for 1 import and losing out on the breeding but getting a 2nd import.) Just keep in mind that if you do this you will not be able to also do the thing you traded in to do the second tihng.


When hiatus (May 1st 2022 at 12:00 am EST) takes effect we will close down everything but the following:

  • Character Transfer
  • Character Deceasing
  • Item Transfers
  • Character Profiles
  • Forum Registration

These will remain open so that you may still buy/sell things and potentially prepare for reopeing. No wait times will be given as things will be processed when we are able.

Hiatus does not mean that you cannot use/draw/write about your Equus Ballators. In fact, we encourage you to treat them like any other original character. Hiatus simply means that no new Equus Ballators will be created and we will not be offering any activities/systems for users to interact with. 

This decision was not made lightly and it pains us to even be making it. However, we want to do you guys and the breed justice. At this time we don’t think we can handle running it and fixing it. 


Your Equus Ballator Admin Team