Welcome to Troubadour's Trinkets!

Welcome to Rejuvenation 2021/ 2022’s Troubadour’s Trinkets! This is the shortest Holiday on the Equus Ballator Calendar and is easy to miss, though it can hold a myriad of opportunities for those that pay attention…

An overfull cart has appeared in The Oasis, half submerged in the water at the base of the waterfall that guards the entrance to The Crypts. Your Ballator knows what this cart means! Presents!! But instead of happy Puck waving your Ballator over, they are instead met with the sour faces of both Betelgeuse and Antares. The siblings don’t seem interested in giving your Ballator any attention, much less any presents, and instead something compels your Ballator to walk around the cart, through the waterfall, and down into the Crypts below…


Instead of The Troubadour’s granting you gifts, your Ballator must instead approach Tyndariai, if they so choose, and engage either the Head of Life or Head of Death if they wish to claim one of The Deathlord’s gifts mentioned below.

But keep in mind, Tyndariai is not like the other Highlords. They do not care for the individual and their decisions are absolute and final. They have rested for a year and are now choosing to wake to usher in a new chapter for the World of Equus Ballator, but if too many of their rules are broken, they will seal the crypts from mortals and leave Ballators to gain nothing.

Please keep in mind the following rules:

  • All Ballators that approach The Deathlord must have an accepted reference in the DeviantART group.
  • A max of two (2) Ballators per member may approach Tyndariai, but only one (1) Ballator may step forward at a time.
    • If more than one Ballator approaches, The Deathlord may refuse a gift to them all.
  • Your Ballator must pick which head they speak to, The Head of Life or The Head of Death in their entry. Each of the heads grant different gifts and their whims are ideas may be different depending on the Ballator who approaches them.
  • When speaking to the chosen head, your Ballator must tell them their stance on Loyalty to the Highlords. There are three routes you can take in your Ballator’s reply and it is up to the Ballator to plead their case:
    • Complete Loyalty.
    • Wavering Faith.
    • I Serve No God.
  • If your Ballator wins a gift, you must link to Tyndariai’s reply as proof in The Highlord Hub. It is each member’s responsibility to keep track of their replies and gifts.
  • Any registered Ballator may approach Tyndariai during Rejuvenation, regardless of Patron or Herd; the consequences may come from your Ballator’s patron or herd mates later, though The Deathlord does not care.