Changelog for January 2022

Some Changelog Info!

To better protect our admin team and members alike, the Coordinators have decided to implement a Changelog to better record our corrections and discussions so admins may link directly to this to show members that things have been fixed and discussed! 

The Changelog will update every Friday as that is when they is most available to make changes and answer group notes. That is also the day that we check the Suggestion Box on the website!

Artwork (c) AltairCallisto

How Can I Make a Suggestion/ Update Request?

There are currently Three Ways to make a suggestion for group betterment or to show a correction that needs to be made. They are listed in order of EFFICIENCY. The fastest way to contact the team is listed first.

  • NOTE THE GROUP – The Group is not leaving DeviantART at this time and this is the best way for us to keep tabs on member suggestions and edits. If you post a Question in the Discord Chat you may be asked to send that question in to the group so it may be reviewed. It’s conclusion will be posted here and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog at that time.
  • LEAVE A WEBSITE SUGGESTION – The Website Suggestion Box is anonymous to members and will be kept that way. You will not receive a tag telling you that the suggestion/ change has been made. 
  • LEAVE A DISCORD QUESTION OR SUGGESTION – You may ask a group related question in the #Questions channel on Discord, or leave a suggestion in the #Suggestion-Box channel. PLEASE NOTE: We have a “Don’t Block The Box” policy in the Discord Chat and most times, the suggestions will be left with no answer. Discussion is discouraged in that channel; please move discussion to the General Chat areas. Suggestions made on Discord are not anonymous and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog when they have been resolved.

January 2022 Changes

Saturday January 01

  • Changelog records started for the new month.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Bay will have a [B] after them.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Fade will have a [F] after them.
  • Cursus Honorum system Updated and all pages made Live, [B]
    • Some still need to be added to the navigation bar.
    • Forum created.
    • Folder Added to DeviantART group.
  • Crafting system was reworked and page updated. [B]
  • Updated Ares’ Guardian to have clear guidelines on the type of animal it may be. [B]
  • Updating item descriptions and website section to include any that can now be crafted. [B]
  • Adding Ballator Mutations to Website [B]
    • Moving forward we would like to call these Ballator Specific genes to avoid confusion with Greater and Lesser Mutations!
  • Plans to add General and Horn Specific designing to website under the Desiging tab. [B]
  • Suggestion made about pickles. [B]
    • What if the pickles were like items that were deposited into your bank when you claimed them and then could be applied to a ballator later on so that way in case say a new member found the pickles they could save it for their first ballator? Or for someone who wins an advent import wants to use the pickles on them! Of course it might be a little too late right now but maybe for next year? And maybe they can be account locked so they can’t be sold or traded?” — MsMydeer#6884 | X
    • We will consider including at least one pickle without any stats to give in future years for anyone without a registered EB. However, at this time the complications of how pickles are given make it far too difficult to simply make them bank items.
      There are lots of prizes for potential newbies that aren’t just limited to pickles. Pickles are intended to be nice prizes for people who have been in the group for a while and have EBs they would like to dedicate stats to
      In the case of getting a reference in time. Headshot references are acceptable to do and can easily get accepted in the timeframe of the pickle hunt.
  • Merch Shop Suggestions [B]
    • “Merch Shop Suggestions:
      (mostly for stickers)
      Fractures Banner
      Canon Herd Icons
      Group NPC’s (Owl, Antares, Betelgeuse, Dr.Terminus, Star, Puck, Elementor, etc.)
      Breed Type Banners” — Dragonwarlordess#6074 | X
    • The Merch Shop is not our current focus but we definitely want to add items to it! In our spare time, we are looking into different shops that might bring better quality items as well as a larger variety.
  • Suggestion to turn regular ballators into Troubadours. [B]
    • “With all the new herds and group functions being teased, I think it would be amazing if ballators could become troubadours of their chosen highlord with it working the same way as highlords wish but on the condition none of the horses slots have been used” — MostlyFaraday#6850 | X
    • Based on what is being suggested, you are able to do this already, except the Ballator wouldn’t be called a Troubadour. You can simply give a Ballator you never bred Highlord’s Wish and then sterilize them. This is essentially what is being suggested.
    • We can say that we are working on making Troubadours more accessible to members, however, there is no specific time frame that this thing will be released as we want to make it doable but still requires work to get an EB crafted in the eyes of their god!
  • Suggestion for new companions. [B]
    • “Pride companions! But not only rainbow. Different flag colors would be awesome too!” — CelineDGD#5053 | X
    • We think this is a cute idea, but believe that this could already be done through plushies or using a custom companion token to get a colorful living creature. We will keep this in mind in however!
  • Suggestion to add a Cursus Honorum Tracker area on the forums. [B]
    • Cursus honorum tracker area on the forum like we have for Regale Quests (maybe just a general “quest tracker” section or something) Dragonwarlordess#6074 | X
    • A Forum and prefixes according to Cursus Honorum type were added into the Member Resources Category.
    • Future Plans to change the Regale’s Quest forum into a general Quests forum and give prefixes for the type of Quest being done.

Friday January 07

  • Removed form requirement for the “Choosing Your Cursus Honorum” portion. [B]
    • Felt too redundant and road blocky rather than trying to seem like a fun way of locking in your class.
  • Suggestion for a new channel to discuss advertisements in. [B]
    • “Possibly an adverts chat? Where you respond to advertisements without burying advertisements. – edit, maybe even a required format to make stuff easier to read/understand. For items and eb’s I try to do

      LF(looking for):
      O(offering):” — VikingDaddy#2262 (discord) | X

    • In terms of adding another chat to discuss advertisements, the team feels that this would end up being counterproductive as many people could be replying to many different advertisements at once. People are welcome to DM the person directly or create a thread pertaining to that advertisement in the advertisement channel.
    • While we understand that forms can be useful for people, we actually encourage creating journals or a document to keep track of what people are selling at what price rather than listing it out in the discord. It keeps the channel more organized with minimal links.
      • We are also not currently persuing this as we don’t see a major need. This would require an admin dedicated to monitoring the advertisements channel and deleting any advertisement that doesn’t fit. This isn’t a job we currently want to fill, but may be one we will fill in the future.
  • Suggestion to do discord game nights. [B]
    • “so a discord im in occasionally has little game days/nights around the holidays where we play free online games like red flags, cards against humanity, gartic phone and scribblio. Maybe the group can do that one day?” — magicfox3#1698 | X
    • Especially after the Halloween event, the admin team would love to do more game nights. However, at the current team capacity, we can not guarantee when these will happen. We can say that we are just as eager as members to set up some nights where we all can play games together!
  • Added Clarification to the Equippable Backgrounds page that the backgrounds do have a tinge to them to prevent stealing. [B]
  • Added Hunts to the open list for the DA group. [B]
    • Members may submit hunts to the group but can’t get them rolled on the forums.

Saturday January 15

  • Updated the following item descriptions to include revised crafting recipes: Standard Raspberry Extract, Premium Raspberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Geno Re-Roll, Fertilitea, Solar Crown, Cosmic Crown, Bone Crown, Patchwork Cloth, Ghoul Companion, Custom Tack. [B]
  • Updated the item description for the Plushie Box. Revised the process of crafting and applying a Plushie Box to a Ballator for simplicity. [B]
  • Updated NPC Bios
  • Update Notable Locations. [B]