Changelog for April 2021

Some Changelog Info!

To better protect our admin team and members alike, the Coordinators have decided to implement a Changelog to better record our corrections and discussions so admins may link directly to this to show members that things have been fixed and discussed! 

The Changelog will update every Friday as that is when they is most available to make changes and answer group notes. That is also the day that we check the Suggestion Box on the website!

Artwork (c) AltairCallisto

How Can I Make a Suggestion/ Update Request?

There are currently Three Ways to make a suggestion for group betterment or to show a correction that needs to be made. They are listed in order of EFFICIENCY. The fastest way to contact the team is listed first.

  • NOTE THE GROUP – The Group is not leaving DeviantART at this time and this is the best way for us to keep tabs on member suggestions and edits. If you post a Question in the Discord Chat you may be asked to send that question in to the group so it may be reviewed. It’s conclusion will be posted here and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog at that time.
  • LEAVE A WEBSITE SUGGESTION – The Website Suggestion Box is anonymous to members and will be kept that way. You will not receive a tag telling you that the suggestion/ change has been made. 
  • LEAVE A DISCORD QUESTION OR SUGGESTION – You may ask a group related question in the #Questions channel on Discord, or leave a suggestion in the #Suggestion-Box channel. PLEASE NOTE: We have a “Don’t Block The Box” policy in the Discord Chat and most times, the suggestions will be left with no answer. Discussion is discouraged in that channel; please move discussion to the General Chat areas. Suggestions made on Discord are not anonymous and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog when they have been resolved.

MONTH 2021 Changes

Friday April 2

  • Changelog records started for the new month.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Bay will have a [B] after them.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Fade will have a [F] after them.

Friday April 9

  • Slow Week for updates. There are tons of things being put into place currently so that updates may be able to be made. [B]

Friday April 16

  • Wording changes on various pages to reflect the move to the website rather than being on DA. [B]
    • If anyone finds wording mistakes that try to route people to DA, feel free to make a thread in the Notes & Troubleshooting forum to let us know!
  • The Forums sections was added to our FAQ in order to address some questions we get asked a lot or any questions some might have. [B]

Friday April 23

  • Updated wording for Quests that Comic Pages are capped at 20 stats rather than they can’t exceed 20 stats. [B]
  • Updated the title of the Desert Angora Mane Mut (Stallion) found in Breed Standards. [B]
    • If anyone finds wording mistakes, wording that tries to route people to DA, mislinked text/boxes, feel free to make a thread in the Notes & Troubleshooting forum to let us know!
    • Found by Medd-Lee#2676(Discord) | X
  • Suggestion via suggestion box to add a Changelog Link to the front page[B]
    • If possible, could we have an easier way to access the change logs? I like to look each week to see if any changes have been made but I always end up using the search function because I don’t know of any other way to find them other than scrolling through the news channel and finding an old link there to start from.
    • We are in the process of getting a button made up for the changelog, but it has unfortunately been pushed back. In the meantime the changelog can be accessed via the Newsletter, Going to the Archives and clicking the “Fade’s Changelog” category, or simply searching changelog.
  • Changelog posted late due to both Coordinators feeling unwell! [B] 

Friday April 30

  • Fixed some prefixes for the Stat Trackers on the Forum that were not showing up under the Your Stat Trackers section located in the header. [B]
    • At this time we do not intend to code in nor include sections for the [unregistered] prefix and no prefix. The first prefix is simply a check for yourself since we do not encourage use of unregistered ballators, but understand the need to keep track of that vital information, and the second is a lack of prefix which is something we are unable to code into the tracker. We encourage you to use whichever prefix fits best( ie. whatever level your Ballator is at or working towards) in order to see the trackers you’ve made on the Your Stats Tracker page.
    • Found by DragonWarlordess (EB Website) | X
  • Quests Forum made and Regale’s Quests was put inside of it. [B]
  • Kaons did some database shenanigans to prepare for the full RPG forums. [B]
    • Making it so we do not count Out of Character (OOC) posts 
    • Resets user posts to 0 so we can begin taking count of only In Character post counts
    • Prefix assigning to various boards
  • Added the Quests and Twins’ Quests pages. [B]
    • Updating of the Website header to have Quests listed under Activities and the certain Quests as a submenu under that. 
    • Renamed the Regale’s Quests folder on DA to just Quests to encompass the fact that we have multiple quests now.
  • Made updates to the Literature rules to remove and update the 2 paragraph requirements for both Extra Characters and Companion Bonus. [B]
    • Extra characters now must be present and active in 25% of the word count of the piece in order to count. In order for companion bonus’s to count, they must be mentioned a minimum of two times (rather than be mentioned in a minimum of 2 paragraphs).
    • The team felt that the 2 paragraph rule made it not only difficult to gauge someone’s writing and whether the character seen had enough active involvement, but also believe it is difficult to write and be certain of meeting those requirements. Everyone’s writing style is different and what one paragraph is for one person is completely different for another. 
    • We also believed that for longer 1000-2000+ word stories, someone could have a character be apart of a piece for only 200 words, but not only contribute to the stat count but also get the stats themselves. By updating it, it makes sure that the extra characters are apart of the story for a significant amount of time to truly matter and make an impact. This also lines up with our visual art rule that Extra Characters must be in equal detail as the other characters in order to count.
  • Ranking Up page updated to include some of Tyndariai’s gifts. [B]