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So you would like to breed your first Ballator...

We are very excited to introduce a system geared towards helping our New Members learn our breeding rules, design rules, and acquire some viable and awesome new Ballators in the process. The admin team has been aware of the New Member struggle of finding breeding slots to make your very first ballator and we’re hoping this helps remedy this issue just a little bit.


Current Available Breeding Pairs

If you are looking to breed your first ballator but you’re finding it difficult to get slots, then you have come to the right place! Please read the below RULES before going forward:

  • The Slot Donation Center is open to New Members only. You must be a new member or a relatively new member with no more than 2 Ballators. If you have 2 or more, you are not permitted to participate.
  • New members must have DeviantART accounts 3 months or older.
  • Duplicate accounts MAY NOT claim slots from the donation center.
  • You can only use slots from this center once!
  • No Fertilitea may be used on breedings from the Donation Center. Raspberry Extracts, Mutantae Calavaria and etc. are fine to use.
  • Both Mare and Stallion have been picked by the admin team. They will not be inbred or cross bred. You will be guaranteed a healthy and (in the future) breedable ballator!
  • You are allowed to pick ONE breeding pair from the list above. If two people try for the same pair, the person who applied first will receive it.
  • You must send in a proper breeding note once you’ve been approved for a donated pair. To learn how to submit a proper breeding note, please go here: How to Submit a Breeding
  • Please click on the button below and answer the questions to request a breeding pair from the ones listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Any duplicate accounts found to be claiming a Breeding from the Slot Donation Center will be permanently banned and the breeding will be reclaimed by EquusBallatorSociety . This is a resource for new members only.

Click Below to See the Current Breeding Pairs

Slots Donated By: kalmanen & BrynLison
Slots Donated By: @renaakaii & @Fade–Touched
Slots Donated By: herrpoliti and Baylili00
ID 4899 | ID 3940 (Foal will be 50/50 Mountain/Forest )
Slots Donated By: herrpoliti & Bellum-Letale
Slots Donated By: @Muramia & @TheElvenJedi
Slots Donated By: herrpoliti & EclipsisHorreum
ID 6625 | ID 7338 (Foal will be 50/50 Cave/Jungle Lilliput)
Slots Donated By: @CelineDGD
Slots Donated By: OliveDoodle & EclipsisHorreum

ID 0000 | ID 000
Slots donated by: — & —

Donating Slots to the Slot Center

Thank you so much for your interest in donating a slot to new members! All slots donated will be paired with other donated slots so our new members can can learn the breeding and designing system with a healthy and breedable Ballator.

Please read the below rules before donating.

Slot Donation Rules
  • The donated slots must be to your Ballators only. If a Ballator changes owners before the slot is used, EquusBallatorSociety must be notified so we can keep track of the slot.
  • All Ballators must be registered in the group.
  • A maximum of 2 slots per horse may be donated.
  • All individual member breeding rules are null and void once slots are donated; parent slots are a lovely gesture but not expected or required for donated slots.
  • All donated slots must be marked down as EquusBallatorSociety when you donate the slot. Once the slot has been paired with another, you will receive a note with the mate so you can mark your Ballator’s slot accordingly. Please update this slot within 48 hours so the breeding can go through.
  • SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Ballators are not paired right away; they are paired as slots are taken from the center! If you know you will not be able to be online to update the slot center, please do not donate a slot.
  • FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE RULES means the donated slot will be nullified, prizes will be revoked, and you will be banned from donating slots to the center.
Donation Rewards

Thank you so much for donating to the slot center! In exchange for the slot donation you can always choose one of the following prizes:

  • +5 Stats to be distributed where you like (With the exception of Attack Strength and Experience). Read more about the stat system HERE.
  • +10 Denarii to be added to your bank total. Don’t Have a bank account? Apply for one HERE.

You may only pick one prize per slot. In addition to these typical prizes, we often offer special prizes for donated slots that the center is in desperate need of. You can see these special prizes by clicking HERE or on the plaque at the top of the page.