Congratulations to: Clara Luct Ebur!

The September 2020 Equus Ballator of the Month!

A beautiful mare with a beautiful personality!

This month, we congratulate and welcome the lovely Clara to the stage as this month’s EBOTM! Clara is a well-established member of the EB community, most recently seen running with the mysterious mare Star in a search for the meaning of the Red Star’s glow and the arrival of the strange and ominous Antares and the chaos he brought.


Established in her place as an Legendary-ranked mare,
Clara is easily recognized by her soft green accents and pearly white coat. A Forest Ballator, the mare’s smaller stature has not stopped her from completing great feats!

Clara’s owner, sketchesofcolor, is a wonderful member of the EquusBallator community, and we congratulate them on their hard work with Clara to achieve difficult ranks and statuses for Clara. Congratulations! 


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