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October 2020 Newsletter


Many changes that are happening are happening in order to make way for future gifts and events within the group. We understand the member base’s frustrations at slow changes and wait times, but setting up events does take time so we urge all members to hold this in mind when expressing their thoughts. Complaints are not suggestions; please make sure any future suggestions offer solutions that will ultimately benefit the group as a whole and that do not bring down any individual members.

Updates & Announcements

  • Checkout the Changelog for minor, weekly updates & member suggestions. Please put your peepers on it just in case any issues you may have had has already been addressed. This also will let you know when a certain system has been updated!
  • A Code of Conduct reminder for all members: We have had an influx, recently, of volatile attitudes towards admins and other members, and also a rash of members changing the stat counts on already approved in the group artwork. This is a reminder to all members, current and new, that we are a zero tolerance group when it comes to bullying and fraudulent activity.
  • The Highlord Hub is now on The Forums. All Pledging,  offerings, and gifts can now be applied via the correct chains HERE.
    • In addition to this– there is some new art added to the Highlords’ pages here on the website to better showcase their gifts!
  • There have been some major and minor updates to Regale’s Quests. Please see them all below:
    • Genetic additions can now be added through the HL Hub chain HERE while the Design Hub is closed.
    • Some minor grammar mistakes were fixed.
    • The Genetic Add-Ons from Level Two have been moved from Stash on DeviantART and placed on the website.
    • Due to the revelation of his mate, Regale’s Slot has been removed as a prize.
  • We will not be partnering with Faime’s Drawlloween this year. Members are, as always, allowed and welcome to participate, but there will not be any Ballator specific prizes and the entries will not count towards Foal Prompts this year.

The Monthly Quest

Ballator of the Month

Admin Spotlight

Our admin feature for October 2020 is Baylili00! Please see below to learn a little about them!

  • Name:Baylili00
  • Admin Job: Stat admin, Changelog, and Design Helper, a little bit of everything! (Fade says: Bay is a Mini-Coordinator!!)
  • First Ballator: Lilith
  • Favorite Ballator & Why: It’s so hard to pick! I love all of my ballators so much. For the longest time Tianteng was my sole favorite EB. His design is one that I still come to adore, and his character is really special to me. However, lately Comrade GAY and Letos have both been sneaking their way into being some of my favorites for both their designs and just the personality that they bring.
  • Favorite Ballator Mutation: Archetain. I just love how varied it is and all the fun interactions!
  • Favorite Highlord: Aether
  • How did you discover Ballators:I had seen ballators here and there, but didn’t really discover it until the MYO event in the old group happened. From it I got Lilith and since then have been apart of ballators! I have been active on and off in the breed and have loved seeing all the changes the group has gone through!
  • Random Fact: I own a 7 year old mustang named Stunner! He is an extremely intelligent horse that defies expectations of him. He is my heart horse and I will talk your ear off about him.
    • Another random fact: October is my birth month so this is extra special! (Fade added this in as a Birthday Treat!)

Your Equus Ballator Admin Team

Interested in joining the admin team? Please click HERE.