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November 2020 Newsletter


Many changes that are happening are happening in order to make way for future gifts and events within the group. We understand the member base’s frustrations at slow changes and wait times, but setting up events does take time so we urge all members to hold this in mind when expressing their thoughts. Complaints are not suggestions; please make sure any future suggestions offer solutions that will ultimately benefit the group as a whole and that do not bring down any individual members.

Updates & Announcements

  • Checkout the Changelog for minor, weekly updates & member suggestions. Please put your peepers on it just in case any issues you may have had has already been addressed. This also will let you know when a certain system has been updated!
  • All Shadow Prompts and Discord Released Mini Prompts are now unlocked. Thank you to the incredible members who had sun with the prompts released in The Month of Shadows! All of the smaller Shadow/ Mini prompts that were previously password protected for the event have been unlocked so members can go back and do them for lore purposes.

The Monthly Quest

Ballator of the Month

Admin Spotlight

Our admin feature for November 2020 is Fargonon! Please see below to learn a little about them!

  • Name: Sydney, but I prefer Syd!
  • Admin Job: Horse Mom, Breeding, Highlords, and Designs!
  • First Ballator:The very first Ballator that I ever made official and the very first Ballator ever made, my dear Pontifex Mortis!
  • Favorite Ballator & Why: I have SO MANY… it would definitely be a competition between Eisheth, Syndicate, and Wendigo – but I love them all!
  • Favorite Ballator Mutation: Reverse Roan and Dotted Sooty have my heart forever!
  • Favorite Highlord: Hannibal. I love my little bald edgelord.
  • How did you discover Ballators: When I was super young I had a super old OC who had a lot of Ballator features, and I kept making her new friends and family members, and one day I had the idea to make a breed out of it!
  • Random Fact: I have incredibly bad FOMO about food – if my husband goes out to eat without me, he has to hide the wrappers/boxes/etc real good in the trash because if I see them I will actually cry about it. I am a full grown, 25 year old woman and I will be sobbing into a pillow if I miss out on Wendy’s. IDK why I am such a special snowflake, please forgive me.

Your Equus Ballator Admin Team

Interested in joining the admin team? Please click HERE.