November EBotM

November 2020 Ballator of the Month

Congratulations to: Sanguis Prophetarum!

The November 2020 Equus Ballator of the Month!

The admins had their own internal vote in October and unanimously settled on this lovely lady!

We have seen a lot of Sanguis Prophetarum during this year’s event and we have been glued to her story through it. This lovely mare is a delight to see during art reviews for everyone on the admin team!

Dragon works hard to develop all of her Ballators, which is always fun to see when looking through the group’s art galleries. Sanguis has been especially prominent during October 2020 which put her on our radar for the admin vote.

Please join us in celebrating Sanguinis Prophetarum and congratulating Dragonwarlordess on the Equus Ballator of the Month win!

.:Silent Night:. [EBSS] by Kalmanen

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