May 2020 Ballator of the Month

Congratulations to:

The May 2020 Equus Ballator of the Month!

This month was different for us at Equus Ballator; lots of changes on the scene for DeviantART and our group as a whole. One of the things we did a little differently (by accident) is we didn’t have our usual Ballator of the Month nomination and voting.

But that doesn’t mean we forgot about it! In fact, while we have been working hard, the admin team has been discussing some of the Ballators we see around the group and the love they have been receiving from their owners and the community.

One Ballator in particular caught our eye for May…

"you and me 'til the old days" by renaakaii

Congratulations to 1855 | Naël owned by CelineDGD!

What better way to celebrate our new home and our new chapter as a group than by honoring the positive ray of sunshine himself? Please join us in sharing the love for one of the most well known Ballators.

You can view our current and past Ballators of the Month by clicking HERE.