Just Keep Walking

Put one hoof in front of the other...

Studded Shoes

Your Ballator walks forward into the shadows. They continue in trepidatious silence for some time before they notice a figure before them. Thinking it may be Star, or an ally warrior,  your Ballator speeds up. They haven’t gone far when they encounter an all white, balding mountain stallion. The stallion has crazed eyes, seeming to go in different directions. Cautiously, your Ballator clears their throat. Whirling around, the white stallion shows off his scarred body as he snaps broken fangs in their direction.

“Who are you? Friend or foe?? Hannibal thinks he can trap us here, but I will fight until I die!”

He lunges forward, but disappears past your Ballator, charging off into the mist. A red-eyed owl flaps lazily overhead and your Ballator thinks it might be better if they follow its lead.

This is a Shadow Prompt. For this prompt, please depict your Ballator’s encounter with the balding stallion, Yonah the Trapped. I sure hope your Ballator doesn’t become like him!

There is a 4 stat minimum required for this prompt.

Guidelines for Shadow Prompts

  • Shadow Prompts must be completed to unlock the next password and advance the Monthly Quest.
  • Prompts must still be submitted to the DeviantART Group– You will NOT receive the Password to go forward if your entry is not accepted.
  • Please submit Shadow Prompts to the Monthly Quest folder.
  • Shadow Prompts will not count for Regale’s Quests, Wild Ballator Entries, or Foal Prompts.
  • Anthros are not allowed for these prompts.
  • Shadow Prompts can be completed as many times as desired, but you will only gain prizes for the first attempt.
  • Stat grids will not be accepted as entries. Comics will accepted as entries so long as only one prompt is depicted per comic, only horses relevant to the prompt are shown, and the stats do not exceed 20. (Reminder: Companion bonuses will not apply to comics as they are counted by stat grid guidelines!)
  • Entries must contain the Ballators pictured and the prompt completed in this format:
        Horse(s) Pictured: (Link to Refs)
        Prompt(s) Shown: (Please link back to the Shadow Quest Page)
        Stat Breakdown:
        Stat Total:

For passing this really weird diversion, your Ballator earns:

Yonah's All Seeing Eye