Changelog for June 2021

Some Changelog Info!

To better protect our admin team and members alike, the Coordinators have decided to implement a Changelog to better record our corrections and discussions so admins may link directly to this to show members that things have been fixed and discussed! 

The Changelog will update every Friday as that is when they is most available to make changes and answer group notes. That is also the day that we check the Suggestion Box on the website!

Artwork (c) AltairCallisto

How Can I Make a Suggestion/ Update Request?

There are currently Three Ways to make a suggestion for group betterment or to show a correction that needs to be made. They are listed in order of EFFICIENCY. The fastest way to contact the team is listed first.

  • NOTE THE GROUP – The Group is not leaving DeviantART at this time and this is the best way for us to keep tabs on member suggestions and edits. If you post a Question in the Discord Chat you may be asked to send that question in to the group so it may be reviewed. It’s conclusion will be posted here and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog at that time.
  • LEAVE A WEBSITE SUGGESTION – The Website Suggestion Box is anonymous to members and will be kept that way. You will not receive a tag telling you that the suggestion/ change has been made. 
  • LEAVE A DISCORD QUESTION OR SUGGESTION – You may ask a group related question in the #Questions channel on Discord, or leave a suggestion in the #Suggestion-Box channel. PLEASE NOTE: We have a “Don’t Block The Box” policy in the Discord Chat and most times, the suggestions will be left with no answer. Discussion is discouraged in that channel; please move discussion to the General Chat areas. Suggestions made on Discord are not anonymous and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog when they have been resolved.

June 2021 Changes

Friday June 4

  • Changelog records started for the new month.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Bay will have a [B] after them.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Fade will have a [F] after them.
  • Big Hunts and Preylists put unter the Hunts as a submenu. [B]
  • Removed Big Hunts from Hunting System Page and made it its own page. [B]
    • Helped make it less to take it and not make it an infinitely scrolling page.
  • Various Hunt Page updates. [B]
    • Bolded requirements for each rank.
    • Added links to the new Big Hunts page.
    • Made order and wording consistent throughout the rank descriptions.
    • Broke up longer paragraphs into easier to read sections.
    • Updated Literature Requirements to fit with the new general lit counting for extra characters.

Friday June 11

  • Slow week for updates. Nothing new to report. [B]

Friday June 18

  • Group Horse page Updated [B]
    • GH 2715 | Vinum Bonum Deorum Donum got his image updated to his new one rather than an import image.

Friday June 25

  • Imports waiting to be reviewed and Designs that were waiting on replies/reviews have all been looked after. [B]
    • We are still searching the design hub in case there are others, but it can be easy to miss so please shoot a thread into the Notes & Troubleshooting forum should you need designs that need looking at!
  • Currently some behind the scenes work of figuring out which systems need reworking, how to rework them, and what is the biggest priority. [B]