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January 2021 Newsletter


Many changes that are happening are happening in order to make way for future gifts and events within the group. We understand the member base’s frustrations at slow changes and wait times, but setting up events does take time so we urge all members to hold this in mind when expressing their thoughts. Complaints are not suggestions; please make sure any future suggestions offer solutions that will ultimately benefit the group as a whole and that do not bring down any individual members.

Updates & Announcements

  • Our group is currently closed for Hiatus. This means that  we will be slowly closing down all systems so the Admin Team can re-evaluate, clean up, and take a break! During this time, we will also be working on our website and forums so that there will be new and exciting things when we reopen!
    • There is not a re-open date at this time! Please do not ask in the Discord Questions channel. Systems will re-open as they are ready and announcements will be made at that time.
  • There will be no Changelog during Hiatus, but The Suggestion Box is open for all members to drop their ideas, comments, and suggestions in. The Suggestion Box will remain Anonymous to other users, but it is a requirement and courtesy to list your DeviantART screen name for the admin team. The Suggestion Box will be checked once weekly for the admin team to discuss.
  • The “Red Star Rising” chapter in our group lore is complete. A new Highlord, Tyndariai, was revealed and a recap of the event will be placed on our lore page in the coming weeks. We encourage members who may not have been able to participate in the year long event to go back through our Monthly Quests and replay them if you would like to immerse yourself in the universe.
  • The Website and Forums will be changing a bit. We are remodeling and have some lovely ideas we are excited to focus on and implement! We appreciate your continued patience as things move around!
    • A small example is the new Search Bar in The Forums that allows you to find posts more easily.

The Monthly Quest

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