Equus Ballator is On an Indefninite Hiatus

Equus Ballator as a group and species is on an indefinite hiatus. At this moment in time there is no plans for when the group will leave this hiatus. Any changes and updates that occur will be announced in the group’s discord and posted on the website.

For members of the group, this hiatus simply means that no new Equus Ballator will be brough to life. It also means that the group will not be offering any systems or activites for members to do with their Ballators. This does not mean that you cannot use, draw, or write about your Equus Ballators. In fact, we encourage you to treat them like any other original character. 

This decision was not made lightly, but at this time, we do not have the capacity to run the group as is. We care for each and every one of our members and understand that this is a difficult thing to deal with. We appreciate your understanding. For a more detailed response to the community about this hiatus, please read Fargo’s Letter linked below.

Systems That Will Continue To Be Open During Hiatus

The following systems will remain open during Hiatus unless otherwise announced in the Discord and on the Website. No wait times for any of these systems will be given as they will be processed as the team is able. 

  • Character Transfer
  • Character Deceasing
  • Item Transfers
  • Character Profiles
  • Forum Registration

Should you come across any problems or difficulties, we ask you create a thread in our Notes and Troubleshooting forum detailing your concerns as best as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean I can’t use my Equus Ballator anymore?

You are still allowed to use your Equus Ballator and in fact we encourage it. They are your characters to do as you wish.  We simply are not giving you activities to do with your Equus Ballators. Along with this, you won’t be able to breed your Equus Ballators together to get brand new ones or change their designs in any way (besides adding superfluous cosmetic stuff).

Can I post my EB’s import/foal design on any other social media?

If at all possible, please try not to do this, as the EB lineart/template is for DA only and unfortunately when imports/horses from the official lines get posted on Instagram/Facebook etc, it usually results in a massive amount of character theft and breed theft so we really try hard to keep EB imports and official lines off of other websites to protect people’s horses from being stolen, and blatant breed theft!

Please refrain from posting official EB lineart/anything official EB art-wise to other websites. IG is a different type of community, and is unfortunately full of theft, and we do not monitor IG as a group. So to protect the hard work of all the admins and members, please help us by only posting EB artwork you have drawn yourselves. If you wanted to really help us out, you can also include the group name on your post and direct people to the group if they ask how to get one.
Can I use my Ballators elsewhere?

If you are importing your Ballator’s design into another breed, it is no longer considered a Ballator and will be deceased. Once deceased, all Ballator characteristics (any combination of manes, fangs, horns, black sclera on Deserts, etc) must be removed from the design. This EB’s design will not be able to be brought back into the breed once deceased. While we are on hiatus, we still are strict about EBs living double lives. Any EBs found living double lives will be deceased.

However, if you are planning on using your Ballator in an art role-play game that allows other breeds to participate (ie your Ballator remains a Ballator), that is completely okay. We believe in branching out and using your Ballators in this fashion is a good way to use them especially while we are in a hiatus.
What happened to the suggestion box in the discord?

When the hiatus started, we archived this channel to prevent abuse of it to voice frustration or complaints about the group being on hiatus. While on hiatus we will be working on Equus Ballator behind the scenes, ultimately when these changes will be seen are up to Fargonon.
However, if you have suggestions you would like to make, feel free to create a thread in our Notes and Troubleshooting forum or use our Suggestion Box.

When will there be updates?

We can not say when there will be updates as updating the group is fully dependent on Fargonon and when she is able to take care of the group.