July 2020 Ballator of the Month

Congratulations to: Amenhotep!

The July 2020 Equus Ballator of the Month!

The vote this month was a close one, but Amenhotep emerged as the only Ballator with over three nominations, lighting him as the automatic winner of EBOTM!

A very prominent Desert EB in the Community, many will recognize this beautiful coat and crown of horns immediately as belonging to none other then Amenhotep


By far one of the most popular Types, Desert Ballators are well-loved for their unique features such as black sclera, double fangs, and side neck manes on Stallions. This month’s EBOTM is a member of this Type, and what a handsome specimen he is!

Amenhotep’s owner, Bellum-Letale is a longtime member of the Equus Ballator community, and their love for Amenhotep is evident with the many pieces of artwork dedicated to this very recognizable stallion. 

Please join us in congratulating not only Amenhotep on this victory, but Bellum as well! 

Amenhotep Old Ref by Bellum-Letale

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