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December 2020 Newsletter


Many changes that are happening are happening in order to make way for future gifts and events within the group. We understand the member base’s frustrations at slow changes and wait times, but setting up events does take time so we urge all members to hold this in mind when expressing their thoughts. Complaints are not suggestions; please make sure any future suggestions offer solutions that will ultimately benefit the group as a whole and that do not bring down any individual members.

Updates & Announcements

  • The WHOLE GROUP will go on Hiatus starting January 1st, 2021. 
    • While we as an admin team are sad to shut down, there are many changes coming our way that will be easier to implement without managing the active group. We will keep members updated via The Monthly Newsletter as well as via Discord Announcements.
  • Please refrain from spamming the Advertisements.
    • 2020 has been a very hard year for many. Please refrain from multiple posts and advertisement bumping both within the DeviantART group as well as within the Discord Channel.
  • 2020 Ballator 12 Days of Christmas!
    • True to tradition, we will be holding our annual Advent this year! We will be having 12 days of gifts, raffles, prizes and giving, and we hope to spread some cheer via our Advent as 2020 draws to a close. This year’s theme is one that may surprise you, so stay tuned for December 12th when the 12 days will begin! As per previous years, our Advent will end December 23rd and will be followed by our Hiatus.
  • The Red Star Rising Event will end at New Year’s Eve/ Day.
    • Please stay tuned! 🙂

The Monthly Quest

Ballator of the Month

Admin Spotlight

Our admin feature for December 2020 is BrynLison! Please see below to learn a little about them!

  • Name: Elizabeth, or Beth!
  • Admin Job: Transfers/Bank admino
  • First Ballator:First baby I ever had was Ramona!
  • Favorite Ballator & Why: Raziel of course, he was my first ever import and I’ve poured my heart and soul into this guy!
  • Favorite Ballator Mutation: Oof that’s hard to choose… I’d say Tuxedo or Dotted Sooty!
  • Favorite Highlord:Hannibal. He’s such a complex character with complex issues.
  • How did you discover Ballators: Browsing DA and found Fargo’s art!
  • Random Fact: I do all these horse things and know horse stuff but I have never in my life ridden a horse before, my life is a lie!

Your Equus Ballator Admin Team

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