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TwinWolfSister Offline

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Joined: Aug 2020

Link to Plaque: https://www.deviantart.com/ballatordesig...-790876739

Name: TWS Anima Maris

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 
1. @ShadowsGrimm | Mate | Offspring
2. @Cassanova-Art | Mate | Offspring
3. @TwinWolfSister | Florida Man | Offspring
4. Username | Mate | Offspring
5. Username | Mate | Offspring
6. Username | Mate | Offspring
7. Username | Mate | Offspring
8. Username | Mate | Offspring
9. Username | Mate | Offspring
10. Username | Mate | Offspring

Additional Slots: N/A

Stat Tracker - [/url][url=https://www.deviantart.com/twinwolfsister/journal/Anima-Maris-Stat-Tracker-829926318]www.deviantart.com/twinwolfsis…
Hunting Log - https://equusballator.com/community/show...62#pid7462

Additional Information:
  1. Crossbreeding between unapproved types is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!
  2. No Incest/Inbreeding/Line Breeding!!!

Name - TWS Anima Maris
Barn Name/Nickname: Anima, 
Sex: Mare
Breed type: Mountain Draft (Friesian Build)
Age: 5 years
Height: 16.5hh
Horn HEX: 6BAD99

INHERITED Stats: (Foal Prompts Incomplete!)
Gaits: 21.5
Dressage: 20
Jumping: 15
Intelligence: 30
Stamina: 20.5
Speed: 16.5
Strength: 30
Attack Strength: 0

Experience: 0
TOTAL: 153.5 (AT BIRTH!)

Breed & Eb Designer: Fargonon

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HelloWishbone Offline

Reference Admin
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Joined: Apr 2020
Discord: Wishbone#3651
Hi there!

There are a few things requiring an update here before we can get this girl registered.

- The list of slots must follow the format listed in the form- Username | Mate | Offspring. Slot statuses, payments, etc. are not tracked here-we highly recommend using a Slot Tracker to track any payments and statuses. All slots must be listed this way, even if the slot is closed. If there is no slot holder, the slot should be marked as "Username | Mate | Offspring." You can find an accepted example here if my wording is a little confusing!

- All slot holders must have their forum profiles linked rather than their DA profiles, including your own slots. If a slot holder does not have a forum profile, please leave their name as plain text. 

- Your Hunting Tracker link appears to be broken, and when you update this link, please link your Hunting Tracker thread instead of a DA journal.

- Any information that is already stored on the plaque, such as genotype, phenotype, gender, etc., does not need to be included in Additional Information. Please remove any information that is already in the plaque description. While this system is very different to how we registered Ballators previously, Character Profiles should be seen as an extension of the BDA plaque, and therefore information does not need to be repeated as it would have been on a reference.

Please let us know if you have any questions or require any further explanations. We are happy to help! 

Once everything has been updated, please reply back to me here and we can get this kiddo accepted.

Thank you!

Corrections must be made by 03/09/22

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HelloWishbone Offline

Reference Admin
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Joined: Apr 2020
Discord: Wishbone#3651
Hey there! Thank you so much for sending this in.

Per our instructions, you must have completed our corrections and replied back to me by 03/09/22. Since you have failed to do so, you will have to resubmit this Character Profile and restart the review process.

We thank you for your time and patience. We look forward to seeing you again!

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