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Joined: May 2020
Discord: S00ner0rLater#8091
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Name: Brandy Rum Special

Slots: 1. Naomithewolf | Mate | Offspring(parent slot)
2. Username | Mate | Offspring
3. Username | Mate | Offspring
4. Username | Mate | Offspring
5. Username | Mate | Offspring
6. Username | Mate | Offspring
7. Username | Mate | Offspring
8. Username | Mate | Offspring
9. Username | Mate | Offspring
10. Username | Mate | Offspring

Additional Slots:

Trackers: Stat Tracker | Hunt Tracker | Regale's Quest | Cursus Honorum

Addtional Information:
B A S I C   I N F O R M A T I ON 

Name: Brandy Rum Special
Name Meaning: 
Nickname: Scar, Old Man
Phenotype: Bay dun (carries jester)
Genotype: EE AA nD nJe
Horn HEX: 3d4f35

Breed: EquusBallator | Mountain, Light
Body Type: Appendix Quarter Horse
Age: 32
Height: 15.1HH
Gender: Stallion

 L I N E A G E 

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 1453
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: ID 4384
----------------- DS: ID 5726
------------------------------------------ DSD: ID 3264
Dam: ID 6091
------------------------------------------ DDS: ID 195
----------------- DD:  ID 3960
------------------------------------------ DDD: ID 3838

 P E R S O N A L I T Y 

| Kind | Frail | Willing | Pleasurable | Submissive

[u]Voice Claim: [/u] TBD
[u]History:[/u]  Scar was a rambunctious foal back in his day. He refused to let anyone on his back, and it took a wise man to tame Scar's young fiery soul. Once the beast was tamed, Scar was the perfect Ballator anybody could ask for. He did whatever you asked. A young woman purchased Scar when he was five. He refused to load in the trailer, being that it was a new scary object. In the process, he cut his face up hence earning the name Scar. Once, the woman and him bonded, they were inseparable! He enjoyed running through the WSCA games for her. He gave her his all. 
Unfortunately, he injured himself. He had bone chips in his right knee. The pain was unbearable. The woman did surgery in an attempt to fix him. It was no good. Most of the chips were out, but the vets had missed them. Scar retired to being a simple trail horse, occasionally doing the games with the woman's grandchildren. 
He grew old and weary with age. His body frail, and blind in one eye, He knew it was time to go. With deep regret, he left and traveled the land in search of a herd where he could live the rest of his days out in peace. 
He found his home with the Rum River Heard. A small group of mountain and forest ballators.
  • Blind in the left eye

  • Bone chips in the knee
  • Sooner - They get along
  • Sweetie Pie - In love with her. "His" girl. Almost always by her side and watched over her. 

  • Stormey - Neutral. They tend to stick away from each other. She is dominate

  • Uttech - No relationship

  • Brodey - Gets along with him

  • Holly -  No relationship yet

  • Chevelle - Hate each other. Chevelle is trying to take over as lead stallion and pushes Scar out being that he is weaker. 

  • Ivy - Get along

  • Jewell - No relationship yet

  • Houston - Friends with him.

  • ID 8244 - No relationship yet

 O T H E R

Highlord/lowlord gifts/curses:



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Reference Admin
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Discord: Wishbone#3651
Scar has been cleared to live out the rest of his days in peace.

Scar's Character Profile has been accepted!

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Juno by Bay-Blade
Icon by TheNamelessHare

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